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Storyline Cross Into Shadows
The Roots of All Evil
Return to Sunder
Eyes of the Dawn
Witchful Thinking
Tales of Wehnimer's Landing
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Raznel
Gracie, daughter
Alias/Title The Purple Mage
Affiliation(s) Hall of Mages

Pylasar is a regular fixture in calamities involving Wehnimer's Landing.


You see Councilman Pylasar the Regional Envoy of Wehnimer's Landing.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and appears to be senescent.  He has black-speckled golden eyes and tan skin.  He has singed, pale white hair that sticks out haphazardly in all directions from his head.  He has a slim face, a pointed nose and a long white goatee plaited with golden beads.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pair of burnt leather sandals, a purple tri-cornered hat, a billowly black mantle embroidered with faint golden sigils, a polished purple-stringed harp, a wide black wand belt clasped with a tiny golden hawk, a gold-trimmed black cloth satchel, a gold-inlaid black staff harness, a small purple sack, a supple black leather alchemy bag, a pair of simple gilt-hued rings, a polished purple puppy pin, a small gold-laced neckpouch, a leather-strapped potion case, and a pair of black pants.


Once a Grand Magister of the Hall of Mages, he was based out of the satellite college out of the Swale. He was instrumental in many events during the War of Shadows, helping to aid the adventurers in defeating various threats from Althedeus. But, because he also aided Wehnimer's Landing directly when they were attacked by Talador, and also fumbled the prisoner transfer of Grishom Stone which allowed the villain to escape, his title and position within the Hall of Mages was stripped. He remained a member and imperial citizen, but then soon found himself relocating to Wehnimer's Landing where he eventually took on the position of Regional Envoy with the town council. It is there has been serving as a sort of diplomat for the town, helping to build and strengthen allied relations.

People also think he's insane and possesses some mind-numbing ability to travel time, which has often left him in a daze when he appears, making it often difficult to follow his train of thought. Other times he appears clever and logical, causing some to wonder if he hasn't just been pretending all along.

All indications are that Pylasar, whose real name is Peter, was the husband of Rachel, the woman who later became the witch, Raznel. It is alleged that during their tenure with the Hall of Mages Pylasar assisted his wife with many of her rogue and evil acts.

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