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Original Story: Eoantos 22, 5120

Guard Captain Dunigan,

Please rescind the bounty on Rone at this time. I have two reasons as to why.

First, this Rone has yet to commit an identifiable crime. The closest thing was a threat made to me a couple of months ago, which is no small part of why Khylon issued the bounty in the first place, but circumstances have changed and this individual doesn't seem to bear me any ill will at the current time.

Even if I'm wrong about that, the fact that the threat was made against me means it's my right to drop all charges, which I choose to do since we have far more pressing concerns. Rone also, during a brief meeting last night, appeared to come to a basic mutual understanding with the militia's Captain Shinann. I'm not privy to the full details, but I invite you to meet with town defenders at any time about this matter.

As for my second reason, leaving the bounty open is liable to bring us into a trap given the Knave's recent moves. So far the Knave has two primary tactics: deploying a lot of money and deploying a lot of deception. We lost Khylon to the ambush with the impostor militia, two nights ago we fought off impostor Rooks, and now it's looking more likely than ever that the Knave is behind the Daily Darkstone newsletter with, as it were, impostor headlines.

So I fully expect an impostor Rone, or several of them, at any moment--which means the last thing we need is any of our citizens trying to take advantage of a bounty and falling into a hostage situation or, more likely, another butchering. The Knave already has his own bounty out for Rone, so he could try that tactic even if we do rescind the town bounty, but we need to minimize how successful it can be.

I'll reiterate that I'd welcome a meeting with you at any time to discuss town defense further, but I also understand if the time can't be spared in the current circumstances. You're doing a fine job; it's only this bounty that preceded you that needs to go, as it's not only outlived its purpose but become counterproductive.

Thank you.

Mayor Leafiara