Lean half-krolvin huntress

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Lean half-krolvin huntress
Storyline Icemule Renaissance
The Uncertain Times
Gender Female
Race Half-krolvin
Status Alive
Hometown Icemule Trace

The lean half-krolvin huntress is a new wandering NPC in Icemule Trace. Introduced as part of the Icemule Renaissance storyline in 5120, her name is Gorga. She was the representative of a group of half-krolvin refugees who camped outside the West Gate of Icemule for several months until Mayor Talliver Dabbings granted permission for the refugees to move inside the city walls.

The lean half-krolvin huntress is not yet able to answer adventurers' questions, but it is hoped that she will be able to in the future.


Clad in unpretentious garb of hide and dark leather, the huntress is a robust woman with thick arms and broad shoulders.  Her amber eyes are a predator's eyes, constantly darting about with a restlessness reflected in her tense posture.  She wears her bright silver hair shaved on one side and long on the other.  Her hand is never far from the bone-hilted knife at her belt.


A lean half-krolvin huntress quietly admits, "The world within these walls is too busy for my liking, but the world without has grown dangerous and strange."

A lean half-krolvin huntress barks a polite greeting to you.

A lean half-krolvin huntress abruptly stalks .

A lean half-krolvin huntress bares her fangs as someone in the crowd bumps into her, but she quickly calms herself and grits out a polite, "Excuse me."

A lean half-krolvin huntress draws herself up straight, her face a careful mask as she scans the crowd.

A sudden noise sets a lean half-krolvin huntress's nerves on end.  She comes to stark attention, her muscles taut and coiled as if to spring.  When no threat comes, she visibly calms herself.

A lean half-krolvin huntress boasts, "The hunt was good today.  Many fine pelts for Furryback, and meat aplenty for my people."

Interaction Messaging

>bow huntress
You bow to a lean half-krolvin huntress. She crosses her arms across her chest formally to return your greeting.

(She does not respond if you curtsy to her, greet her, salute her, smile at her, or wave at her.)