Talliver Dabbings

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Talliver Dabbings
Storyline Icemule Renaissance
The Uncertain Times
Flight of the Manticore
The Winter War
The Watchfire Pact
Gender Male
Race Halfling
Culture Paradis
Status Alive
Hometown Icemule Trace
Alias/Title Mayor of Icemule Trace

Talliver Dabbings is the current Mayor of Icemule Trace. He represented the Temple Burrow in the 5120 elections, winning despite a fire at Clovertooth Hall that nearly destroyed all the ballots.


You see Mayor Talliver Dabbings.
He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
He is tallish and has a fighter's build.  He appears to be in the spring of life.  He has stern glacial blue eyes and sun-weathered skin.  He has short-cropped, greying curly brown hair worn in a military cut.  He has a hard face, a sharp nose and a wiry arms that are corded with muscle.  He has more than a few scars.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an ancient rolaren cutlass with a scrimshaw ivory narwhal hilt in his right hand and a rolaren shield in his left hand.
He is wearing an old silver locket, a high-necked pale blue doublet with carved ivory mule buttons, a light grey cotton shirt, a curved hoarbeam scabbard set with a shining blue sapphire fang, some dark grey combed wool trousers, and a pair of polished black leather boots.

Additional Information

The Dabbings family's contributions to Icemule Trace are long and historic. Since Talliver's ancestor, Talbot Dabbings, sacrificed himself to end the Krolvin War almost two hundred years ago, the Dabbings name has been synonymous with heroism and selflessness. Far from being overshadowed by his family name, Talliver Dabbings has distinguished himself over the years as part of the Icemule Town Guard, having led a platoon south during the Griffin Sword War to march to the aid of the Resistance. Since then, Dabbings has risen to the position of captain.

Dabbings's platform in the 5120 elections centered around improving Icemule Trace's security as a gateway to improving tourism, trade, and growth. He believed strongly in improving relations with local tribes, such as the greater ice giants and lesser ice giants, and enhancing the safety and usability of trails connecting Icemule Trace to Wehnimer's Landing. He firmly endorsed improving the town's defenses and focusing on making the town a more vital part of the Elanthian community.

In his own words: "I'm not a politician. I'm a soldier. I've served Icemule Trace on the field and I want to serve the town in its highest office. I know when to seek advice and when decisions need to be made. I hope you'll join me."