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Gender male
Race human
Profession Mercantyler
Service(s) Item property removal
Premium teleportation jewelry
Enhancive Protection
Venue Mist Harbor
Status active

Ledirth is a wandering merchant. From time to time he will work on premium teleportation jewelry. He is also known for his item property removal service.


You see Ledirth the Wavecrest Initiate.
He appears to be a Human from Torre.
He is taller than average.  He appears to have come of age.  He has bright silver eyes and fair skin.  He has very short, fine bright red hair.  He has a triangular face, a freckled nose and a neatly trimmed bright red beard.
He has a tiny red heart tattoo on his arm, a sharp-edged black anchor tattoo on his arm, and a series of blue waves tattooed around his left eye.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a bleached natural linen rucksack tied with blue cotton cords, a white cotton bandana, a cowrie shell amulet, a burnished steel anchor charm set with a gold-swirled black crystal, a segmented faenor dragonfly brooch with colorful fused glimaerstone wings, a padded grey leather vest hung with rope and various hooks with an embroidered white linen shirt underneath, a pretty rope bracelet adorned with lilacs and pink rosebuds, a steel ring, a hammered silver band, a knotted white silk sash, a cotton-tied oilcloth pouch, a brass-tipped black leather scabbard, a pair of bloused red cotton pantaloons, and a pair of salt-stained boots.

Behind the Scenes

Ledirth is operated by Product Manager and Gamemaster Wyrom.