Legendary Feeder

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The Legendary Feeder was introduced on January 1, 2021. This feeder allows legendary treasure drops on level 90+ creatures that are otherwise able to drop treasure. This includes any creature which drops silvers, gems, or boxes such as bandits, elementals, pirates, or creatures in typical high-level hunting grounds.

This feeder is stocked with auction quality items with an intent for one to two items going out per month. The stated goal was to help ensure players can earn high end fluff and powerful items from normal play and not just from events. When a legendary item goes out, it is always in a special chest to note its significance.


A game-wide message is released when a legendary treasure drops. If you are close enough, you can see the general location where the item was found.

Person in the area where the treasure was discovered
*** A prismatic display of color arcs across the sky over <place>, heralding the discovery of a legendary treasure! ***
Person who discovers the treasure
A prismatic display of color tints the air around you and arcs away, heralding your discovery of a legendary treasure!


It carried a filigreed rolaren reliquary with a colorful cloisonne lid on it!

In the rolaren reliquary:
Weapons [1]: a massive shadowy-veined golvern claidhmore with a deathstone-studded silver hilt
Gems [2]: a tiny blue and green spherine, a star sapphire
Clothing [1]: a bent ring
Special [1]: some silver coins
Total items: 5