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The library system for profession guilds is a way to discover alchemical formulas.


The cost of using a library is 2000 silvers for each hour, paid in advance. Simply bring the required silvers and use the PAY verb for access. It is possible to pay for up to 6 hours at a time (for example, PAY 4000 for two hours). Readers need not be inside the library for the entire duration, but the timer will still count down while they are not present.

If a reader is in the middle of some research when the timer runs out, they will need to pay again to continue, but their existing progress will be saved even if they leave and return to it later.

Searching for topics

Use the SEARCH verb to start the discovery process.

Possible search options:


To start over at any time, use SEARCH NEW.

Reading texts

Once a collection of texts have been acquired via searching, READ and PONDER them to process the information.

Readers must make progress in both reading volume and comprehension. Each READ action increases volume, and each PONDER action increases comprehension. After each action, there will be feedback reflecting the current progress, for example:

You've read a fair amount of this selection and you have a fairly decent understanding of it.

If a reader simply reads ahead without pondering, they will likely fail the comprehension check at the end and have to start over, so it is generally advisable to ponder after each reading section until reaching a thorough understanding.

Volume and Comprehension Messaging Sequence for Library System
Volume (READ) Comprehension (PONDER)
You've read just a bit of this selection and you have a primitive understanding of it. [After a READ failure.]
You've read only some of this selection and you have a rudimentary understanding of it. [After a READ failure.]
You've read a fair amount of this selection and you have a limited understanding of it.
You've read a great deal of this selection and you have a broad understanding of it.
You've read most of this selection and you have a fairly decent understanding of it.
you have a thorough understanding of it.

Once the texts have been read and successfully understood, a new avenue will open up for searching.

Sometimes the assistant librarian will indicate a shelf to search next, for example:

You inquire about a particular papyrus, based on the clues you have drawn from this text.  Without even consulting his catalog, the assistant librarian says, "Ah, yes.  That would be in section 'Gy', row 'Es', shelf 'Pu'."

Simply search that section, row, and shelf to find the next batch of texts for reading: SEARCH GY ES PU.

Otherwise, there will be a general subject that comes up, for example:

There is a lot of mention in this reading about perfect shapes and ratios.  Would you rather SEARCH for books on mysticism, sacred geometry, or mentalism?

Choose the logical answer that relates to perfect shapes and ratios: SEARCH SACRED GEOMETRY.

Discovering formulas

After completing several sets of texts, there will be some hint towards the type of alchemical creation:

It appears that you are on the track of finding a recipe that will create some kind of talisman.

Continuing the research will eventually give the specific object:

You speculate that the recipe you are researching is probably for a deep blue eostone talisman.

Once the full formula is found, there is a short period of time to WRITE it down in a recipe book.


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