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Lich:Script Eherbs is a third party script and is not maintained by Simutronics. Simutronics is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented on this page, nor is it liable for issues stemming from the use of the application on players' personal devices.

What Does Ebounty Do?

Eherbs will heal you with herbs or stock your herb sack. It supports Survivalist's Kit and various unlocks sold at Duskruin

How Do I Get It?

Eloot can be downloaded via ;repo download eherbs

As a script in active development and with the constant state of changes in the game, it is recommended to set eloot and all Elanthia-Online scripts to auto-update via ;repo set-updatable eherbs

How Do I Make it GO!?

Eherbs will check your herbsack, which needs to be configured first via ;vars set herbsack=<container>. Then run the setup via ;eherbs setup and set your configuration options. You can also enter configuration via the command line'

Ingame Help Output

 To use the herbs in your herbsack (see below for setting your herbsack):

 To heal only hitpoints but no other wounds (squares rejoice!):
   ;eherbs blood

 To check a container and report a table of herb types with counts:
   ;eherbs check <in|on|under|behind> <container>

 To replace any missing herbs:
   ;eherbs fill

 To stock herbs for a big hunt (purchase multiple doses of herbs):
   ;eherbs stock

 To set the amount of herbs to stock based on percent of capacity:
   Primarily intended for survival kits but will work for ordinary containers also.
   ;eherbs set stock <percent>

 Optionally you can specify if you only want herbs or potions:
   ;eherbs stock [herbs|potions]

 Or you can specify if you want the stock count combined between potions and herbs. (survival kits only)
   ;eherbs stock combined

 Additionally, you can specify if you only want a particular herb stocked:
   ;eherbs stock major head wound <- to stock stem only

 To look up what herbs heal what (to help with the preceding command):
   ;eherbs list

 To use the herbs on a bench or something:
   ;eherbs on bench
   ;eherbs behind altar

 To use the herbs on a bench without picking up the edible herbs:
   ;eherbs on bench --no-get

 To heal your Adventurer's Guild escort (not well tested):
   ;eherbs escort

 Options (add these to the end of the command; these override default options):
   --buy=<on/off>         Go to the herbalist to buy herbs if needed
   --deposit=<on/off>     Deposit silver if needed at end of healing
   --mending=<on/off>     Use sigil of mending before using herbs
   --skipscars=<on/off>   Skip rank 1 scar healing
   --yaba=<on/off>        Use yabathilium fruit first
   --potions=<on/off>     Try to use potions first

 Change default options (so you don't have to specify the option every time):
   ;eherbs set buy <on/off>           same as above
   ;eherbs set deposit <on/off>       same as above
   ;eherbs set mending <on/off>       same as above
   ;eherbs set skipscars <on/off>     same as above
   ;eherbs set yaba <on/off>          same as above
   ;eherbs set potions <on/off>       same as above
   ;eherbs set herbsack <container>   sets which container you use if one isn't
                                        specified on the command line

 To access UI:
   ;eherbs setup

Ingame Screenshot

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