Limb Regeneration (820)

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Limb Regeneration (820)
Mnemonic [LIMREGN]
Duration Instantaneous
Healing Magic  
Subtype Healing 
Availability Self-cast 
Former Empath Base Spells
Heal I (801) Healing
Limb Repair I (802) Healing
System Repair I (803) Healing
Head Repair I (804) Healing
Organ Repair I (805) Healing
Heal II (806) Healing
Limb Repair II (807) Healing
System Repair II (808) Healing
Head Repair II (809) Healing
Organ Repair II (810) Healing
Limb Repair III (811) Healing
System Repair III (812) Healing
Head Repair III (813) Healing
Organ Repair III (814) Healing
Limb Repair IV (815) Healing
System Repair IV (816) Healing
Head Repair IV (817) Healing
Organ Repair IV (818) Healing
Eye Regeneration (819) Healing
Limb Regeneration (820) Healing

The Limb Regeneration spell was for healing missing limbs for 20 mana each, and like all other healing spells is selfcast only.

Like all spells in the 800 circle, the spell cannot be inherently cast by any profession, and instead can only be newly found in herbs and alchemy potions. Older items and scrolls may contain this spell.

Common items containing Limb Regeneration