Former Empath Base

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Former Empath Base Spell Circle
Circle Potency Pure
Sphere Alignment Spiritual
Available To None
Associated Circles Minor Spiritual
Major Spiritual
Former Empath Base Spells
Heal I (801) Healing
Limb Repair I (802) Healing
System Repair I (803) Healing
Head Repair I (804) Healing
Organ Repair I (805) Healing
Heal II (806) Healing
Limb Repair II (807) Healing
System Repair II (808) Healing
Head Repair II (809) Healing
Organ Repair II (810) Healing
Limb Repair III (811) Healing
System Repair III (812) Healing
Head Repair III (813) Healing
Organ Repair III (814) Healing
Limb Repair IV (815) Healing
System Repair IV (816) Healing
Head Repair IV (817) Healing
Organ Repair IV (818) Healing
Eye Regeneration (819) Healing
Limb Regeneration (820) Healing

The Former Empath Base spell circle was a spiritual-based healing-related spell circle which consisted entirely of healing spells, numbered in the 800s. This circle was largely replaced by the current Empath Base spell circle, numbered in the 1100s.

There are currently no professions with direct access to this circle. The spells are still found in many herbs and alchemy potions.

Behind the Scenes

The transition of Empath spells from 800s to 1100s became possible due to the development of variable-effect and variable-cost spells, allowing the minor and major wound healing spells to share a single spell slot (and the same for scars). Originally, different spells were necessary for healing minor wounds vs. moderate/major wounds, and the same was true for scars.