Living shrubbery

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Living shrubbery is a scripted plant item, such as a topiary, that is cultivated and cared for.


You analyze your heart-shaped topiary and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
Congratulations, you are holding a living shrubbery.  As a growing plant, it requires both water and the occasional pruning to ensure it is a happy and healthy plant.

One may LOOK at the plant to see how it is doing.  You can also CUT, PRUNE, PINCH, RUB, LISTEN, TOUCH, TURN, and WATER the plant.

It may be altered freely as long as it stays some manner of small, potted plant.

You get no sense of whether or not the topiary may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
CUT (requires shears) You prune your topiary.

Roundtime: 5 sec.

XXX prunes her topiary.
When already neatly pruned:You lovingly go to trim your topiary, but realize it's already in perfect order.

Roundtime: 5 sec.

LISTEN You hold your topiary up to your ear and listen intently. XXX raises her topiary to her ear.
PINCH You gently pinch a leaf of your topiary between your fingers. You note the size, shape, and overall condition. XXX examines the foliage of her topiary.
PRUNE Perhaps you should try cutting the stray branches and leaves off of your topiary instead? N/A
RUB You gently caress your topiary, taking note of its texture. XXX gently caresses her topiary.
TOUCH You run a finger along a slender branch in your topiary. XXX runs a finger along one of her topiary's branches.
TURN You slowly turn your topiary, examining its health and appearance. XXX turns her topiary slightly, regarding it from a different angle.
WATER (requires water) You water your topiary with a tumbler of Dragonspine water. XXX waters her topiary with a tumbler of Dragonspine water.

Additional Information

The shrubbery can have a custom show, but the initial portion is hard-coded and changes with the maintenance of the item.

The topiary is in a definite state of disarray.  Branches and leaves have grown into a wild, messy tangle of flora.  The poor little topiary is crying out for a little love and attention.  Don't let a good plant go bad, please prune it.

The topiary shows numerous branches and leaves that are in need of a good trimming.  It certainly has been growing for awhile unattended.  Pretty soon, the topiary will be a wild mess of foliage.  You certainly should prune it now.

The topiary has a few stray leaves and branches disturbing an otherwise tidy shape.  Its overall appearance is still pretty good, but there is work to be done.  Perhaps it's time for a little pruning?

The topiary is neatly pruned, with every leaf and branch perfectly in place.  Its beautiful, orderly state is evidence of the great attention and care invested into its healthy appearance.  Someone certainly has a green thumb!
Living shrubbery Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Plant
Alterable Yes
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate Festival
Original Release Year 2004
Restrictions Must remain a small, potted plant
Item Verbs