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Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: Items and Inventory
Message #: 285
Author: GS4-WYROM
Date: 10/30/2011 08:04 AM CET
Subject: Under-the-Tongue Lockpicks

The lockpicks for sale at Ebon Gate that are concealable, and go under the tongue when worn, can now be repaired via LM or the locksmith repair shop, as well as be customized with LM. And just noting here, since it was asked, they can be dyed with alchemy dyes. This hasn't changed (they always could be), but figured it was worth adding to this announcement.

~Wyrom, ASGM

Category: Professions
Topic: Rogue
Message #: 275
Author: GM Contemplar
Date: 12/24/2018 07:46 AM CST
Subject: Re: Lockpick question

As you can see, there is a general correlation between modifier and precision, but they aren't identical. Copper has a mod of 1,0, steel has 1.10, but both are described as very inaccurate. Alum and kelyn also have different mods but the same precision level. Ivory mod is 1.2 and average, while ora is 1.55 and below average.

That last one seems pretty whacky to me. What's up with this? - User:THROGG

To shed a little bit of light on this, the chart is somewhat inaccurate on the modifiers per lockpick by type.

You are correct that the precision is a direct correlation of the modifier on the pick. The chart probably shows the modifier for a typical lockpick of that type, but the precision is more accurate (once you've master LM that is) indicator of the current lockpick modifier.

Oddly enough, you pointed out one of the discrepancies between steel and copper picks modifiers. However LM precision is slightly inaccurate and that may be due to the slight variance on a borderline precision "band" as Rathboner indicated. A steel lockpick precision should be "inaccurate" with a modifier of 1.10. The modifier for a typical ivory lockpick is correct on the chart, but the precision is way off. Either that is a glaring typo on the chart, or some specially modified/crafted ivory lockpick.

The base modifiers are correct on the chart for alum and kelyn lockpicks, but the precision reading is off on the kelyn lockpick. It should read as "incredible", not "highly accurate." I can only assume that these variances in LM APPRAISE are due to lockpick damage which may change the modifier from its typical base modifier and slightly inaccurate readings. That difference can be enough to kick the reading over to another "band" as many lockpicks are on the borderline of the modifier/precision range.