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Locks and More is the locksmith shop in Mist Harbor. It is operated by the gnome, Tisanoff. The shop is located just south of Gardenia Commons. On the second floor, Tisanoff will open any lock for a price. He also sells and repairs lockpicks.

[Locks and More, Salesroom]
A faded plum rug rests in the center of this room, glass cases holding various different kinds of lockpicks lining the walls around it. Upon the carpet is an oak pedestal with a carving of a man kneeling and attempting to pick open a box. Locks of all shapes and sizes hang upon the walls and a curved iron staircase leads upstairs. The unadorned windows have been left open, allowing a fragrant breeze to waft through the area. You also see a lacquered wooden sign.


Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a tarnished green copper lockpick 120 <2
a slender black steel lockpick 600 <2
a rune-etched muted gold lockpick 2400 <2
a thin wire green ora lockpick 6000 <2
a blue-swirled mithril lockpick 7200 <2
a glossy black glaes lockpick 11400 <2
a laje handled bent alum lockpick 27600 <2
an opal-edged grey rolaren lockpick 43200 <2
a fine-toothed red kelyn lockpick 74400 <2
a red-flecked black invar lockpick 90000 <2
a brown suede locksmith's toolkit 240 belt VSA for few <2 locksmith supplies
a set of professional calipers
This item is located upstairs
8400 <2 locksmith supplies

Additional Notes

>read sign
|                                                            |
|            Welcome to Locks and More, Workshop!            |
|                                                            |
|  LOCKPICKING SERVICES                                      |
|                                                            |
|  To get a price quote, hold a locked box in one of your    |
|  hands and ring the chime.  If you agree to the price      |
|  quoted, simply PAY <amount> to have the lock picked.      |
|                                                            |
|  LOCKPICK REPAIRS                                          |
|                                                            |
|  Been picking with your eyes closed again?  No problem!    |
|  We can repair any regular lockpick for a nominal fee!     |
|  Hold the lockpick in your right hand and APPRAISE it to   |
|  get a price quote.  If the price is right, simply give    |
|  the lockpick to the proprietor to receive a claim ticket. |
|  Be sure to KEEP YOUR TICKET!  No ticket, no lockpick!     |
|                                                            |