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This page contains posted updates to loresinging.

June 2002

Category: Bards (33)
Message #: 10
Author: GS3-WARDEN
Date: Jun 2, 2002 at 19:37
Subject: Loresinging Upgrade

Several changes have been made to the information gained on the fourth facet of a loresong, and a few bugs were fixed. Most notable among these are:

  • Gold rings will provide more information.
  • Enchanted armor accessories will provide better information.
  • Newer flare types can be identified.
  • New Enchant system information will be revealed.
  • In most cases, if a bard has a weapon or shield that was recovered on the field of battle, the bard will be able to identify the previous owner.

This information will not be available on items with unique loresongs unless they are specifically designed to provide it.


June 2008

Category: Bards
Topic: Loresinging
Message #: 1109
Author: GS4-MESTYS
Date: 6/14/2008 1:07:36 PM
Subject: LORESING and Elemental Detection (405) Updates.

LORESINGing has been updated to allow skilled Bards to determine a few new characteristics from certain items.

When loresinging to a magical or enhancive item, a Bard may now determine whether or not the item will be destroyed when its last magical or enhancive charge has been expended.

When singing to a piece of armor with resistance to a damage type, a proper loresong will coax the level of resistance out of the protective piece.

Finally, Naos has updated both Elemental Detection and loresinging to allow the caster or singer to determine the relative mana capacity of a magic item.


April 2016

Category: Bards
Topic: Loresinging
Message #: 151
Author: GS4-KEIOS
Date: 04/15/2016 01:23 PM EDT
Subject: Loresinging Updates

Loresinging has received a number of general updates. Updates include better identification and information on a number of staple item features including eblade, ensorcell, ranger resistances, paladin bonded weapons and their restrictions, warrior bonded weapons, alchemy jars, alchemy ingredients, cobbling leathers and adornments, tempering potions, and data on the precise internal dimensions of containers.

In addition to these previous updates, loresong has been rewritten to have more specific failure messages. Roundtimes for songs have been decreased by 30%. The maximum roundtime for any song is now capped at 15 seconds. Detection of duplicate songs has been improved.

Loresongs will only require the noun for the first verse. Additional stand alone verses will continue to target the item being sung to as long as it is still within your hand.

And bards can now type STOP LORESONG or STOP LORESING to clear out their current loresong.


Category: Bards
Topic: Loresinging
Message #: 166
Author: GS4-KEIOS
Date: 04/15/2016 04:15 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Loresinging Updates

Hmm. Looks like I missed a few from my list.

Loresing will also now reveal plinite extraction difficulties, spell properties of magical food, more precise gold ring destination information, holy receptacle gem details, and the properties of cores extracted from plinites.


Room-wide Loresongs

Category: Bards
Topic: Loresinging
Message #: 203
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 01/31/2017 11:51 AM EST
Subject: Room-wide Loresongs

New functionality has been released to allow for room-wide loresongs (which did previously exist on a few stationary objects). Not all loresongs will have this functionality and it's up to the individual GameMaster who creates the item on whether it will or will not. This update only affects new loresongs going forward, with the exception of 2 items released at the auction last month (the Spellstorm runestaff and the Cone of Elements wands). Because such songs can also output quite a bit of text, players can opt out of receiving this messaging if they are not a member of the bard's group via the new SET SHOWLORESONGS OFF flag.

GameMaster Estild

Loresong Unlocks

Category: Professions
Topic: Bard
Message #: 105
Author: GS4-Estild
Date: 11/04/2018
Subject: Loresong Unlocks

Bards have now learned how to temporarily and permanently unlock loresongs.

All loresongs are now temporarily unlocked after a bard loresings to an item anywhere from 1 to 30 days. The duration is based upon the Bard's skill, with factors being Bard spellsong ranks, Influence stat bonus, and Mental Lore, Telepathy.

To permanently unlock a loresong, a Bard must accumulate Lore Knowledge Points. These are earned by killing like level creatures. Each kill provides a small chance to earn 1 LKP. Subsequent kills increase the odds until a point is earned, with guaranteed success after 1,000 kills for the week. A Bard may learn up to 1 LKP per week and store up to 5 LKPs total. A Bard may view if they've already earned their weekly LKP and their total LKPs with the RECALL verb. There is a skill check to permanently unlock a loresong, using the Bard's skill vs. the item's properties. Success modifiers include level, Bard spellsong ranks, Magic Item Use, Elemental Mana Control, Mental Mana Control, Aura and Influence stat bonus, and Mental Lore, Telepathy. There are also penalties for being injured or low on spirit. To attempt to unlock the loresong of an item, the Bard first needs to loresing to the item like normal, then within 5 minutes, use the RECALL verb on the item. The first attempt will provide information such as the chance of success and how many LKPs it will cost to unlock the item. The minimum cost to unlock any item is 1 LKP and the maximum cost is 5. The skill check to unlock a loresong is far more forgiving than enchant and ensorcell, but not all items may necessarily be possible for a Bard to unlock without outside help. Once a loresong is unlocked, non-Bards may RECALL the item to hear its loresong.

GameMaster Estild

Loresong Unlocks

Category: Professions
Topic: Bard
Message #: 242
Author: GS4-Estild
Date: 08/13/2019
Subject: Re: Loresong Unlocks

I just rolled in an update to RECALL to cap the difficulty to unlock loresongs. It will still take a very skilled bard to unlock high end items, but no item is impossible to unlock (unless it's scripted to do so, but none of those exist yet). At level 100, with 100 bard spellsong ranks, 100 ranks of Magical Item Use, Elemental Mana Control, Mental Mana Control, 25 ranks of Mental Lore - Telepathy, and an Aura and Influence bonus of 25 each, a bard will have a 10% chance to successfully unlock any item.

I'm still interested in looking at specific items that may be too difficult and adjusting the overall formula as needed, so if you have any items like that, please let me know and BUGITEM it with some details so I can take a look.

GameMaster Estild