Lost Home

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The Lost Home is a large stone structure located on the southeast corner of Fraendel Court in Ta'Illistim. An intricately worked iron door serves as its entrance. It houses the CHE Annexes, house member lockers, and the house clerk.

[The Lost Home, Foyer] RNUM: 13255
Tall columns of dark marble rise above you, supporting the high, vaulted ceiling. The black-tiled floor is covered with a large, thick forest-green carpet. On the far side of the foyer a fire is roaring in a massive basalt fireplace, sending waves of welcome heat into the room. Several comfortable looking chairs are pulled to the side of the fireplace, close enough to enjoy the fire without getting too warm. You also see a hazy smoke-filled portal, a small door leading to a well-lit office, the front desk and an ornate archway.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out