Lute's Liltings Music Shoppe

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Lute's Liltings Music Shoppe is the instrument shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located on South Ring Road just west of the gemshop.

[Lute's Liltings Music Shoppe]
This small but lovely shop is packed full of display stands, each one housing a different instrument. The maoral walls have been waxed to a warm golden hue, and a beautifully woven blue carpet covers the floor. Sunshine floods in from framed glaesine windows that line the panelled walls at regular intervals. You also see a wooden sign and the proprietess Lute.


Welcome to Lute's Liltings Music Shoppe!

The proprietess Lute offers her catalog to browse.
Lute exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a maoral flute        9. a monir crumhorn
  2. a modwir piccolo      10. a tanik shawm
  3. a thanot cittern      11. some monir and cloth bagpipes
  4. a fel lute            12. a haon lyre
  5. a rosewood mandolin   13. a modwir harp
  6. some finger cymbals   14. a mistwood zither
  7. a haon tambourine     15. a jeweled black willow enshai
  8. an ebonwood lysard