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Lyosi Wyandotte was a Burghal gnome. She founded the Winedotter bloodline in the year 725.

Lyosi was a Withycombe who served a human family outside the city of Tamzyrr in Selanthia. She resented how tinkerer gnomes were well respected, because she felt that service to a host was the true calling of a gnome. She also resented that all head gnomes were male and wished to see females in positions of power.

One day a group of traders from Ta'Nalfein came to purchase grapes from her human hosts. Lyosi was smitten with the elves' courtly manners. She stowed away on their wagons and was awestruck at the grandeur of Ta'Nalfein. She felt that the elves were infinitely more worthy of gnomish servitude than humans.

She was able to amass a following of service-orientated gnomes as well as winemakers. She attempted to get Tymos Aluvy, the head Withycombe gnome, to establish a matriarchal colony of Withycombe gnomes in the Elven Nations with the hopes of supplying the Withycombe society with wine. Tymos was vehemently against the proposal and laughed at Lyosi, calling her dreams of wine and daughters foolish. Lyosi denounced him for herself and for her followers and led them to Ta'Nalfein.

This was the first bloodline to split with the Withycombe bloodline since the Burghal gnomes left the forest in the Great Schism. The name Winedotter is both a play on Lyosi's name, Wyandotte, and the taunting given by head gnome Tymos.

The culture evolved along the lines of Lyosi Wyandotte’s dream, in no small part because she worked tirelessly to see it come to pass. She served as an informal leader of the group, guiding its development without ever holding formal office. In her later years, she found herself being called "Grandmother" by the entire bloodline, despite having had no husband or children of her own.


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