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The Nylem Bloodline is a culture of the Burghal Gnomes.

The gnomes of Bloodline Nylem love nothing better than a good joke, preferably at someone's expense. Where Withycombe gnomes act for the good of their hosts, the Nylem undermine with dirty tricks. They often select targets who deserve punishment for some failing or flaw, but in other circumstances these merry pranksters act with no moral purpose at all. Most Nylem are profoundly irreligious, though Cholen and Jastev receive respect. The cultural life of the bloodline surrounds the roast, and no acquaintance of a Nylem gnome is spared their caustic wit. The Nylem live in close proximity to the Withycombe, often traveling by common tunnelways, but they never live in the same compounds or work in the same establishments. The bloodmark of the Nylem consists of a single line radiating outward through eight spiral rotations.


Burghal Gnomes - edit
Important Burghal Gnomes: