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The Aledotter Bloodline is a culture of the Burghal Gnomes.

The Aledotter gnomes live outside dwarven caverns. They sometimes sneak inside these caverns to gather information about metallurgy and related skills. The Aledotter gnomes' main trade with other Burghal gnomes has, over time, condensed to focus on metals, armor and weaponry. A strong pride in their size is one of the hallmarks of this bloodline - the Aledotter gnomes believe that their stature gives them an advantage over larger and clumsier races. Many Aledotter women tend to choose their mates with a jaundiced eye towards size. Aledotter gnomes have a deep respect for Eonak and Gosaena, but generally don't worship the Arkati in a deeply personal manner.


Burghal Gnomes - edit
Important Burghal Gnomes: