Maeli Gerydd Loenthra

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Maeli Gerydd Loenthra was a famous bardess in the years immediately prior to the Faendryl-Ashrim War. She was traveling with the wedding party of Princess Chesylcha Sukari Faendryl, and was presumably killed having disappeared with the assassination. Rumors of her survival persisted for a long time, and her brother bankrupted the family searching for her.

Behind the Scenes

The lore for Maeli Gerydd is established in a museum piece in Museum Alerreth in Ta'Illistim. It is part of the intaglios exhibit on loan from the Hanesyddol Museum of Ta'Loenthra.

[Museum Alerreth, Upper Platform]
Copper railings line the inner edge of the high platform, providing a slatted view down onto the main floor of the museum below.  The exhibit space between the railings and the building's exterior wall is largely open, and identical to its mate across the platform -- the floors are basket weave patterned wood and the cases clear glass atop copper pedestals.  A walkway stretches between the two elevated halves of the building.  You also see an embroidered silk banner.
Obvious exits: west

>look banner
The silk banner is vertical rather than horizontal, its long length a pale copper embroidered with clusters of metallic-threaded blossoms.  Text is stitched amongst the foliage.

>read banner
In the Common language, it reads:
Glyptics, Seals and Intaglios: Selections from the Hanesyddol Museum of Ta'Loenthra

>look case
The interior of the case contains a milky chalcedony stamp, a polished hematite statuette and a finger ring with aquamarine intaglio.

>look ring
The thin band and open mount of the ring are electrum, while its embellishment is an oversized aquamarine gem.  The oval shaped stone has been engraved from the back in reverse relief with the image of a woman in profile, making an intaglio.  Her hair is pulled up into a mass of curls atop her head and her nose is long, though faintly pert.  Next to the ring is a plaster cast, showing the image in detail, and beneath the pair is a small plaque.

>read ring
In the Common language, it reads:
Maeli Gerydd Loenthra was a bardess of great renown during the years prior to the Faendryl-Ashrim war, who made her name both as a performer of her own material and as a lyricist for other artists.  She met her presumed end while traveling with Chesylcha Sukari Faendryl, though rumors of her survival dogged her family for years.  The image carved into this ring was posthumous and was given anonymously to her older brother.  His insistence on restarting the search for Maeli eventually bankrupted the family.