Maellyn's Fabrics

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Maellyn's Fabrics is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It sells fabrics and sewing implements and is located in South Market NE.

[Maellyn's, Fabrics]
Numerous rolls of bright fabrics on racks take up most of the space in this small shop. The remaining area is taken up by sundries, rolls of trim, and drawers filled with small accessories. Pins, needles, and buttons are carefully sorted into small racks, as are spools of thread and skeins of yarn. A tiny desk almost hides the diminutive halfling shopkeeper from view. You also see a wooden counter and Maellyn Kedy.


Welcome to Maellyn's Fabrics!

Maellyn Kedy offers her catalog to browse.
Maellyn exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a polished brass thimble         15. a bolt of taffeta
  2. a dull pewter thimble            16. a bolt of satin
  3. a shiny silver thimble           17. a bolt of samite
  4. an engraved gold thimble         18. a bolt of lace
  5. a stick of beeswax               19. a bolt of grosgrain
  6. a tape measure                   20. a bolt of damask
  7. a box of pins                    21. a bolt of chiffon
  8. a packet of fine steel needles   22. a bolt of brocade
  9. a white silk daisy               23. a bolt of broadcloth
  10. a blue silk cornflower          24. a bolt of wool
  11. a scarlet satin poppy           25. a bolt of spidersilk
  12. a yellow silk rose              26. a bolt of silk
  13. a bolt of felt                  27. a bolt of linen
  14. a bolt of velvet                28. a bolt of cotton
Under the wooden counter you see a seamless thanot trapdoor. (Unseen presence)

Maellyn Kedy

Maellyn is a tiny, wizened halfling dressmaker.  She wears a brightly colored patchwork gown, in dozens of different colors and fabrics, pieced together like quilt work.

Maellyn casts aspersions on tart lovers everywhere as she wipes jam off a bolt of cloth.

Maellyn asks, "How many yards are you gonna need, dearie?"

Maellyn quickly cuts some velvet into a loose satchel pattern and begins to whipstitch the pieces.