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Category: Meeting Hall Organizations (MHOs)
Topic: Announcements
Message #: 105
Date: 9/2/2010 9:27:09 PM
Subject: Merchant Services!

Effective on Sept 1st, Merchant Services will be allowed for MHO groups to request. Below are the requirements and restrictions.


1. MHO requesting must be Tier 3.

2. It must be a multi-day event, lasting at least 3 days, OR an event consisting of 3 or more MHO groups.

3. Requests must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the scheduled event.

4. An MHO can request the service no more than two (2) times per year, but may only receive service one (1) time a year. (Note: This rule applies only to Prime)

5. If a request has been placed and a merchant attends, they will stay a maximum of 2 hours. The MHO will assume a cost of 2 million silvers for the merchant's appearance.


1. EVERY request for Merchant Services must be sent to the MHO mailing address for the MHO guru's review (gs4-mho [at] play [dot] net) by an officer of that MHO. Any request sent outside of this process will be rejected, and the MHO circumventing this process will lose their Tier status for at least 90 days (repeated offenses can result in MHO closure).

2. Merchant work is NEVER guaranteed. Whether or not a GameMaster is available to merchant during the scheduled event cannot be ensured.

3. If a merchant does show up, the work they can do is limited to general alterations, features, tattoos, lightening, and deepening. If a group wishes to restrict the service further, they may do so (i.e. if they only wish the merchant to work on features, the MHO officer can tell the merchant that).

4. GameMasters will do their best to accommodate MHO events when possible, but not every festival will have merchant activity, which should not reflect any form of negativity or favoritism on any parties involved. Often times these requests for merchants may be hit and miss, so please be aware of the possible outcome before setting unobtainable expectations. It is best if you do not advertise a merchant request in criers, news, or calendar items since this is not a guaranteed service.

5. A submitted request will receive a reply from the MHO guru or designee that the request was received. No other communication will occur.

This is now also posted on the Ultimate MHO Guide ( )

-GM Kenstrom-
The First Male MHO Guru Ever
Wehnimer's Landing Guru