Melgorehn's Reach recharging

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In a roughly ten-minute cycle, a moonbeam at Melgorehn's Reach appears, allowing items placed on the altar to be recharged:

Suddenly a beam of moon light peeks through several tiny holes in the intricate ceiling and converges in a star pattern upon the altar.  The light carries with it a strange shearing sound.  The onyx of the altar begins to glow faintly blue.

>put statue on altar
You put a small statue on an onyx altar.

Every ten seconds, an item on the altar has a chance to have a charge added.

Successful charge with no further messaging:

The small statue on the altar throbs slightly.

Successful charge with a warning:

The ruby amulet on the altar throbs slightly.
The ruby amulet on the altar begins to show signs of overheating.

(Some sort of failure?)

The black crystal shimmers for a moment, but nothing else happens.

(Unable to be further charged?)

The crystal amulet on the altar begins to throw off showers of sparks!

Failure, causing the item to be destroyed:

The small statue on the altar suddenly explodes in a shower of multihued sparks and flames!  When, at last, the display dies down the altar stands empty.

The moonbeam fires every ten seconds, lasting for nine pulses before disappearing.

Suddenly the moonbeam ceases and with it the strange shearing noise it made.  The altar's blue glow fades back to black onyx.

And after about eight and a half minutes, the moonbeam will reappear.