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This article is about recharging activated magic items. For recharging stat/skill enhancives, see enhancive item.

Recharging is the process of adding charges to magic items.

The primary method of recharging is by use of the Charge Item (517) spell. Additionally, the altar in the moon chamber at the top of Melgorehn's Reach may be used to recharge certain magical items. Finally, the occasional merchant provides extended recharging services, often being able to recharge items unchargeable by players and to higher capacities than players.

Loresinging is the main method of detecting whether a magic item may be recharged using Charge Item and whether it is crumbly (destroyed when the last charge is used). Directly casting Charge Item (517) at an item will also detect whether it is rechargeable.

Merchant Recharge Limitations

(Per GM Tamuz at Ebon Gate 2016)

For magic items that are not player-rechargeable, special event NPC merchants can recharge them but the maximum number of charges will deplete by 5 each time. An item that is recharged repeatedly and drawn down until it can no longer be recharged would get a total of 180 charges (40 + 35 + 30 + 25 + 20 + 15 + 10 +5) over its lifetime.

At a future date there will be a service that can alleviate the degradation and increase its effective maximum number of charges by an amount, to a maximum of 40. This only applies to magic resistant (non rechargeable) magic items.

Player-rechargeable magic items are not subject to degradation via merchant recharging services.

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