Melgorehn's Reach

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Melgorehn's Reach is a mountain near Wehnimer's Landing, named after the mad mage Melgorehn. Entering and leaving the area require solving some fairly involved puzzles.

Features of Melgorehn's Reach include an altar where magic items may be recharged.

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Behind the Scenes

The Reach is one of the oldest areas of the game. There is a plaque behind the moon beam altar crediting its design to GM Bardon himself. Its position in the game is consistent with the I.C.E. Age source book "Jaiman" which has a flows of essence map for the continent. The story of the mountain, set in the Second Era of the Shadow World history, specifies that the flow in this spot is thousands of feet up in the air. The enchanter exploits time warping artifacts to artificially accelerate a rare lunar alignment from within this major essence current to make an especially powerful concentration for recharging items.

Later the Sheruvian Monastery was designed with a monolith teleportation network that involves the Reach, but this has been turned off and otherwise broken for decades. In the story for the Reach the wizard is Loul the Enchanter from thousands of years ago, whereas Melgorehn was a contemporary warlock. The mountain and story are not canonical to the Shadow World setting, and it features prominently as an underlying cause of magical problems in modern storylines. Prominent examples include Cross into Shadows, Return to Sunder, Keeping up with the Kestrels and by extension Eyes of the Dawn.