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Storyline Icemule Renaissance
The Uncertain Times
The Watchfire Pact
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Hometown Icemule Trace
Alias/Title Abbess
Affiliation(s) Temple of Hope

Mellian, the forlorn abbess, was once a wandering NPC in Icemule Trace. Although you could not question her (she would just give you a strange look if you tried), if you hung around her for long enough, you would be able to piece together her story, which is connected with the haunted Temple of Hope.

In August 2020, the forlorn abbess interacted with adventurers, revealing her name and more information about herself and the Temple. She and four of the sisters have now reclaimed the Abbey for their order, though the Ossuary is still haunted and there is now a passage in the Ossuary which leads to the Ivasian Den of Rot.


You see a forlorn abbess, wringing her hands mournfully as she mumbles a few prayers under her breath.  She wears a slightly tattered white robe with a large ring of keys dangling from her belt.

As seen on 8/10/2020 when she revealed her name:

You see Mellian the Forlorn Abbess.
She appears to be a Human.
She is of an average height.  She appears to be past her prime.  She has world-weary bright blue eyes and dark skin.  She has wild, black hair heavily streaked with white.  She has a gaunt face and sunken cheeks.  She looks like she has not bathed in many a year.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a gnarled black hoarbeam cane in her right hand.
She is wearing a fluffy silver fox fur blanket dappled with streaks of ebon, a slightly tattered white robe stitched with a pattern of faded blue roses, a stained pale yellow sash, a ring of tarnished iron keys, and a pair of worn-down slippers.


The forlorn abbess fumbles for her keys, then murmurs sadly, her voice barely audible, "Alas, my sisters, alas!"

"Beware of their voices!" cries the forlorn abbess.  Then she covers her mouth with her fingertips, and sighs sadly.

The forlorn abbess sighs and says, "Ah, if only they had listened to me.  Alas, years have passed and I mourn them still."

The forlorn abbess traces a symbol of blessing in the air, smiling slightly.

Drawing a worn leather-bound prayerbook from her robes, the forlorn abbess pauses briefly to look up a passage, then carefully puts her prayerbook away.


  • The Abbey's Doors Reopen (Letter from the Abbess Mellian to the people of Icemule, announcing that all of the Abbey, except for the Ossuary and the Den of Rot, has been cleansed of evil)