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Demon RP Verbs and Idle Messaging (12/2007)

Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Sorcerer General Discussion
Message #: 10993
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 12/7/2007 9:54:12 PM
Subject: Demon RP Verbs and Idle Messaging

The demons summoned by Sorcerers with the spell Minor Summoning (725) have been updated. Previously most interactive verbs were prevented from use with demons. This is no longer the case. All verbs that do not imply physical contact that typically work with creature targets should now work with demons. Most verbs that involve physical contact are still disabled. However, some verbs have special messaging, particularly for the summoner. Many verbs are unique to each of the eight demon subtypes. Additionally, demons now have a large amount of idle messaging.

A special thanks goes out to the players for submitting a fair chunk of the messaging as well as former GM Jharra for writing much of the messaging as well. Also, thank you to former GM Khaladon for his contribution to starting to code this project.

- GM Oscuro -

Permits in Kharam Dzu (2/2008)

Category: Towns
Topic: Kharam Dzu
Message #: 4435
Author: GS4-LIIA
Date: 2/27/2008 9:58:37 PM
Subject: Demon Permits Opens in Kharam Dzu

In an effort to raise extra funds for the town's coffers, local officials have agreed to allow sorcerers to purchase permits to bring demons into the town walls.

When asked his opinion on the matter, the town's Deputy merely hiccuped.

Demon permits are now available through an iron door on the second floor of the Company Store.


Arashan (6/2008)

Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Sorcerous Lore - Demonology
Message #: 4985
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 6/2/2008 9:16:08 PM
Subject: Minor Summoning (725) Update

A recent use of a shien'tyr runestone has led to the accidental discovery of a new type of minor demon ? the arashan! Congratulations to Allereli (Prime) and Caden (Platinum) for being the first summoners to pull this demon through the veil. Details of the demon can be found in all copies of the Enchiridion Valentia once the Basilica has completed its research.

The arashan has equal odds of being summoned as the other two demon types from shien'tyr, the aishan and the shien (darklings and shadowlings), when using a shien'tyr runestone.

The arashan may be cloaked with an illusion by Sorcerers with 60 ranks or more in the Illusions skill.

The arashan possesses a unique ability amongst demonkind; they are capable of taking control of the minor spirits that make up an area web summoned by the Web (118) spell. Controlling a web yields two major results: the web is strengthened (gains an additional snare charge and the duration is refreshed), and the web comes under the control of the arashan's summoner. Controlling a web takes 18 mana from the Sorcerer. Controlling a web is very taxing on the arashan, thus they may only do so once every five minutes. The syntax is: TELL MDEMON TO CONTROL [WEB].

In addition to the shien'tyr-arashan runestone becoming available as an uncommon rune, two other uncommon runes have been added to the list of potential runes a summoner is able to learn: shien'tyr-darkling and shien'tyr-shadowling.

- GM Oscuro -

Channeling Crystals (9/2008)

Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Sorcerous Lore - Demonology
Message #: 5044
Date: 9/21/2008 6:15:18 PM
Subject: 9/21 demon updates

Just made these changes:

  • The channeling crystals now work when sending to demons. They'll also work if the demon is holding one and sends mana back to you.
  • The demon won't take an order to drop an object while it's "travelling" (as in "tell mdemon to find waldo").
  • Found an old bug with illusioned demons eating stuff. Telling a demon to eat something will now blow away its illusion, as was originally intended.
  • You can "give" items to your demon up to its normal carrying limit. No more need to tell it to "get" items if it's already carrying two.


HSN 2015 Update (7/2015)

Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Sorcerer Spells
Message #: 3046
Author: GS4-CYRAEX
Date: 07/22/2015 02:44 PM EDT
Subject: HSN: Minor Summoning (725) Update!

Minor Summoning (725) has been updated with several new revisions and enhancements.

First, the duration has increased to 1200 + 60 seconds per spell rank. Second, all demon types are now easier to summon, with a 100% base chance to summon a demon using a valence runestone. Third, runestones are no longer required and you may simply PREP 725, then SUMMON; however, it is significantly more difficult to summon a demon through this method. Fourth, since runestones are now optional, you may use the SUMMON method to attempt to summon any type of demon (valence, archetype, or a specific demon). Lastly, demon illusions now last indefinitely and a demon without an illusion will not attempt to enter a town unless specifically told so by their master.


-GameMaster Cyraex

Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Sorcerer Spells
Message #: 3098
Author: GS4-CYRAEX
Date: 07/23/2015 12:59 PM EDT
Subject: Re: HSN: Minor Summoning (725) Update!
Do the uncommon runes we have knowledge of give us a bonus in summoning those specific demon types? That would be sensible and uphold the value of knowing those runes, some of which we went to lengths to acquire. Since knowing a rune gives us free access to that demon type, can we therefore summon it as if we were using the rune?
Does a summoning chamber still provide a significant bonus for summoning attempts, with or without a runestone? That's important, especially for those of us fortunate enough to belong to a CHE house with a summoning chamber.

Hey everyone, I know there have been lots of question about the success rates of Minor Summoning after the updates that went live yesterday. Here's some information that I'd like to share with you all.

  • Valence Runestones will have a 100% base chance inside a summoning chamber
  • Demon Runestones will have a 50% base chance inside a summoning chamber
  • Archtype Runestones will have a 25% base chance inside a summoning chamber

Training in Sorcerous Lore Demonology will provide a 1% increase in your chance to summon the demon per rank. In addition, being inside a summoning chamber offers about a 25% increase in your chance to successfully summon a demon.

Lastly, anytime you try to summon without a runestone, you will incur a 50% penalty on your chance to summon the demon. This is the entire reason why having knowledge of a rune is still a significant advantage. Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion, please feel free to ask more questions and I will try to answer them as best I can.

-GameMaster Cyraex

Wyrwood Rattle Update (8/2015)

Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Developer's Corner
Message #: 2245
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 08/18/2015 05:03 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Post Release Review

Here are some additional updates:

  • Animate Dead (730) has been updated so that the maximum animatable level is now caster's level + 20.
  • Due to the significantly increased accessibility of the spell, we've had to lower the duration of enhancement spells cast by animates. The duration is limited to the remaining duration of the animate itself.
  • Soulstone wands now: (1) increase the caster's MAL by 5 (able to go above the normal cap), (2) boost the animate's level by 10 (still stacks with a gem), and (3) when POINTed at an animate, will renew its duration.
  • Wyrwood rattles now grant a sizeable bonus (~25%) when held and summoning a demon (stacks with a runestone).