Minor Summoning (725)

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Minor Summoning (725)
Mnemonic [MSUMMON]
Base Duration 1200 sec
Added Duration +60 sec per rank
Span Refreshable, special
Utility Magic  
Subtype Summoning 
Components None, Runestone
Sorcerer Base Spells
Blood Burst (701) Attack
Mana Disruption (702) Attack
Corrupt Essence (703) Attack
Phase (704) Utility
Disintegrate (705) Attack
Mind Jolt (706) Attack
Eye Spy (707) Utility
Limb Disruption (708) Attack
Grasp of the Grave (709) Attack
Energy Maelstrom (710) Attack
Pain (711) Attack
Cloak of Shadows (712) Defensive
Balefire (713) Attack
Scroll Infusion (714) Utility
Curse (715) Attack
Pestilence (716) Attack
Evil Eye (717) Attack
Torment (718) Attack
Dark Catalyst (719) Attack
Implosion (720) Attack
Minor Summoning (725) Utility
Animate Dead (730) Utility
Ensorcell (735) Utility
Planar Shift (740) Utility

In one swift motion, the demonologist pierces the veil between valences, seeks a suitable being to enslave for menial chores, pulls them through the tear, and finally links them to their original existence so they may be returned there. Runes are used as the focus for this magic, and more complex runes can be used to target more specific archetypes of minor demons.

Once summoned into this realm, these servants are capable of performing a myriad of utility functions such as carrying the sorcerer's eye which will allow them to see remotely. Other highlights include carrying objects, silvers, and mana, or finding and delivering messages to other characters, and even guarding their master's pockets from thieves. Demons summoned by this spell are not dangerous unless retaliating at a pickpocket, and otherwise cannot participate in the combat system.


  • PREP 725|CAST {runestone}, or PREP 725|SUMMON {DEMON} to initiate.
  • To summon a specific demon, hyphenate the rune then the demon. SUMMON LORAE'TYR-IGAESHA, for example. You may also enter SUMMON by itself to display a list. Using SUMMON {DEMON} will incur a 50% success rate penalty (see below).
  • The TELL MDEMON command displays a full list of commands for the demon. Each ability is also outlined within this article.

Demon Link & Expiration

Originally, demonologists used the link as a threat to keep the demon in line. Severing the link would strand the demon forever, unable to return home. This version of the magic is designed with safeguards against such an act, otherwise punishable by death. Thus the caster may terminate the link at any time, returning the demon to its original plane. The link will be broken automatically if the caster dies or when the spell expires. Once having summoned, the caster may not summon again for five minutes due to the exertion caused by interplanar summoning. If the summoner fails a cast, they may not attempt again for ten full minutes.

Two lesser demons, the abyran'ra and the oculoth have the ability and motivation to break your control upon a minor demon. While the abyran'ra will only attempt to break your control over abyran'a and abyran'sa demons, the oculoth will attempt to break your control over any type of demon. However, it is not a guarantee that they will break it. The primary factor for fending off this attempt is Demonology ranks. If you lose, your connection to your demon will break, and you will be severely stunned. If you succeed, you are left unharmed, and the demon who attempted it will be stunned instead. The oculoth, given its nature as a more magically inclined demon, is more skilled at breaking the connection than an abyran'ra. In the case of a lithe black abyran'ra attempting to break a sorcerer's link with an abyran'sa, it has been demonstrated that 200 Demonology ranks are required to successfully push back against the attempt with 100% certainty; it appears that Sorcerer Base ranks, Aura, and Wisdom may also make secondary contributions to resisting the abyran'ra.

The link is refreshable to the original duration by rubbing a vakra runestone.

Success Rate and Lore Benefits

Summoning a demon with a runestone and within a summoning chamber will provide the following chances:

  • Valence runestones will have a 100% base chance
  • Demon runestones will have a 50% base chance
  • Archetype runestones will have a 25% base chance

An attempt to summon without a runestone will incur a 50 percentage point penalty on the caster's chance to summon the demon.

Training in Sorcerous Lore, Demonology will increase the chance for success by +1% per rank. Demonology Lore will also provide bonuses to the mana and silver capacities of applicable demons (see below).

  • Base % chance to summon in chamber, w/ runestone       = Base Chance + SL,D ranks
  • Base % chance to summon in chamber, w/o runestone      = Base Chance + SL,D ranks - 50
  • Base % chance to summon outside chamber, w/ runestone  = Base Chance + SL,D ranks - 25
  • Base % chance to summon outside chamber, w/o runestone = Base Chance + SL,D ranks - 75

Where Base Chance = 100% for valence runestones (V), 50% for demon runestones (D), and 25% for archetype runestones (A)

Summoning Chamber Everywhere Else
w/ Runestone w/o Runestone w/ Runestone w/o Runestone
0 100 50 25 50 0 0 75 25 0 25 0 0
25 125 75 50 75 25 0 100 50 25 50 0 0
50 150 100 75 100 50 25 125 75 50 75 25 0
75 175 125 100 125 75 50 150 100 75 100 50 25
100 200 150 125 150 100 75 175 125 100 125 75 50
125 225 175 150 175 125 100 200 150 125 150 100 75
150 250 200 175 200 150 125 225 175 150 175 125 100
175 275 225 200 225 175 150 250 200 175 200 150 125
200 300 250 225 250 200 175 275 225 200 225 175 150

Any number ≥ 100 means no chance of failure, actual rates shown to clarify how other numbers are determined. Since the 25% benefit to summoning chambers is "approximate," table is approximate. Also, difficulty varies depending on valence, demon, or archetype. Abyran'sa requires 100 ranks in Demonology to summon with a runestone in a summoning chamber with 100% success.

Summoning Chambers

Summoning chambers are special areas which are sensitive to the piercing of the veil, increasing the ease with which sorcerers employ this magic. Casting within a chamber will provide a 25 percentage point bonus to success rate. Additionally, the extra 600 seconds will be applied when refreshing the duration in a chamber as well.

All Sorcerer Guilds contain a summoning chamber. They are also located in some CHE structures.

Demons and the Law

Due to tactics the Faendryl used during the Undead War, the summoning and use of demons is widely shunned by most Elanthians. Demons are therefore subject to justice mechanics in all towns except Icemule Trace, Mist Harbor, and Wehnimer's Landing (since Feb. 2018). Special demon permits may be purchased in both Zul Logoth and Kharam Dzu, but are otherwise considered illegal. The Sorcerer Guild teaches the Illusions skill which can be used to cloak the demon's true image, allowing them to bypass the law as long as they remain obfuscated. Though demon illusions are permanent until dispelled, certain demons performing particular actions will cause the illusion to drop as well. A demon will automatically remain outside of town unless told to follow into town.

Demons may still roam free in areas outside of the Justice System. Use JUSTICE STATUS to determine whether an area is within jurisdiction.

A sorcerer can command an undisguised demon to automatically enter or not enter a town with the MDEMON command.

  • TELL MDEMON TOWN ON instructs the demon to enter towns even if if it is not disguised by an illusion.
  • TELL MDEMON TOWN OFF instructs the demon to not enter towns if it is not disguised by an illusion.

Minor Demon Abilities

This information was originally harvested from Hakwea's Demonologist Handbook.

Runes Grik'tyr (rune) Lorae'tyr (rune) Shien'tyr (rune)
Ability Grik Imp Abyran Grantris Igaesha Verlok Aishan Shien Arashan
Hold Mana Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Base Mana 4 19 9 0 12 0 N/A 24 9
Additional Mana bonus/10 bonus/10 bonus/10 (bonus/10)-3 bonus/10 (bonus/10)-3 N/A bonus/10 bonus/10
Maximum Mana 34 49 39 27 42 27 N/A 54 39
Hold Coins Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N
Base Coins 1000 500 600 500 200 800 N/A 300 N/A
Coins per Rank 60 40 45 55 10 50 N/A 20 N/A
Maximum Coins 13120 8580 9690 11610 2220 10900 N/A 4340 N/A
Guard Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Attack Type (flare type) Bite Bite Bite (Poison) Bite (Puncture) Phase (Acid) Bite (flare †) Bite (Disease) Bite Spit Web (Web) †
Carry Items Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Get 2 2 2 4 0 3 1 2 4
Hold if Given (not cumulative) 2 2 2 4 2 3 2 2 2
Scout Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Find Y Y Y Y Y Y Y † Y Y
Deliver Y Y Y Y N Y N Y † Y
Eat Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Interfere Y Y † Y † Y Y Y Y Y Y
Break N Y Y † N N N N N N
Control N N N N N N N N Y
Balefire Flare (random) Disintegrate
N/A Vacuum
  • If a demon's ability is bolded, it indicates that demon is best at that particular ability.
  • If a demon's ability is highlighted in RED , using it will break its illusion.
  • If an ability has a †, it indicates that demon has a special ability related to it.
  • If an ability is underlined within the table, it indicates that demon has particular restriction placed upon that ability.

For more information on a demon type, refer to that archetype's page, linked at the top of the table.

Follow & Return
  • TELL MDEMON FOLLOW instructs the demon to return to the caster's location and/or follow
  • TELL MDEMON STOP instructs the demon to cease following and/or stay where it is (may also stop other recursive activities)
  • TELL MDEMON GO {direction|portal} instructs the demon to move manually

Demons carrying an eye will cause each room description to be echoed to the user as if using the eye in the same manner.

Find a Character
  • TELL MDEMON FIND {character} instructs the demon to locate a particular character

Sends the demon to the location of a target, and if found, will follow them. Subject to the skill of the summoner and demon, vs. difficulty of finding that character. Hidden and invisible characters are more difficult to locate. Additionally, increased difficulty in finding targets will cause the demon to take longer at the task. Only targets in the same area can be targeted successfully.

Deliver a Message
  • TELL MDEMON DELIVER {character} {message} instructs the demon to speak to another character on the caster's behalf
  • WHISPER {demon} {message} is for other characters to reply to a demon's message
  • WHISPER MIST {message} is used to communicate using shien's special message capability

Applicable demons will convey a message to a person for you. The target of the message may then reply, but there is wait time before the demon can deliver additional messages. The shien possess a unique method of delivery, which allows messages to be relayed in real time, without pause. This requires the summoner's room to be dark. Only targets in the same area can have messages delivered to them.

Carry & Release
  • TELL MDEMON CARRY instructs the demon to pick up and carry an eye
  • TELL MDEMON RELEASE instructs the demon to release the eye into the room

Eye Spy (707) can be used in conjunction with a demon in order to see remotely. While the demon is holding the eye, only basic things can be seen. However, the eye can be released and grasped again without restriction. While independent, the eye maintains its full range of sight. Be cautious not to leave the eye stranded, as there is no command to send the demon directly to an eye. The eye is considered an item, thus the demon cannot carry it if already holding its maximum capacity. This function is also very useful to easily cast mass Evil Eye (717).

Carrying Items
  • TELL MDEMON GET {item} instructs the demon to pick up an object
  • GIVE {demon} gives the demon the object you are holding in the caster's right hand
  • TELL MDEMON GIVE {caster} demon will give an item it is currently carrying to the caster
  • TELL MDEMON DROP {item} instructs the demon to drop an item it is carrying

Certain demons (aishan & igaesha) will accept more items given to them by their master directly, rather than picking them up. "Get" in the table refers to the number of items a demon will pick up and carry on its own (i.e. remotely). "Hold if Given" is the amount of items the demon can accept if handed to them by their summoner. Demons can hold a maximum of items equivalent to their "Hold if Given" value. Carrying an eye counts as one item.

Holding Coins
  • GIVE {demon} {#} will give silver coins to the demon
  • TELL MDEMON GIVE {#} instructs the demon to give the caster the coins it is carrying

"Base Coins" + "Coins per Rank" determines the maximum amount of silver coins applicable demons may carry. For example, an imp (500 base) summoned by a sorcerer with 20 ranks (40 additional per rank) of demonology skill could hold 1300 coins total (500 + [20*40] = 1300). Demons will not return coins automatically upon being returned to their dimension.

Mana Sharing
  • SEND {#} {demon} sends mana to the demon
  • TELL MDEMON SEND {#} instructs the demon to send mana to the caster

"Base Mana" + "Additional Mana" determines the total amount of mana each demon can hold. 'Bonus' in this situation refers to the numerical bonus corresponding to the number of demonology skill ranks (use the SKILLS command to view). For example, an igaesha (base mana of 12) summoned by a sorcerer with 50 ranks of demonology (skill bonus of 150) would be able to store a maximum of 27 mana (12 + [150/10] = 27). Demons which hold more mana are also more efficient at transferring it. Demons will not return mana automatically upon being returned to their dimension.

Channeling crystals made via alchemy can be used by both demon and master to transfer more mana between the two.

Guard & Cease
  • TELL MDEMON GUARD instructs the demon to guard the caster from pickpockets
  • TELL MDEMON CEASE instructs the demon to ceases guarding

If the demon is in its summoner's room, they can be instructed to help notice characters attempting to pickpocket their master. Each demon, depending upon their body type, will have a particular "Attack Type" they retaliate with automatically if either the master or demon is successful in noticing the thief. The attacks of certain demons will inflict a "flare type" (i.e. disease, lightning, etc.) upon the victim, in addition to the initial damage.

  • TELL MDEMON SCOUT instructs the demon to scout the surrounding area for characters, creatures, and other minor demons

The demon will leave the immediate room for a short period of time, and return shortly afterwards to inform its master of the presence of all characters, creatures, and minor demons. Some areas do not work with this command, including the Sorcerer Guilds.

  • TELL MDEMON EAT {object} instructs the demon to consume an object

Demons can be instructed to eat a variety of items within their reach. This can be used as disposal for various articles of trash, if a proper trash can is not available. Certain demons are particular about what they eat, though the igaesha will eat just about anything.

Telling a demon to eat something will blow away its illusion.

  • TELL MDEMON INTERFERE instructs the demon to prevent the establishment of a sanctuary
  • TELL MDEMON BREAK instructs the demon to attempt to disrupt an existing sanctuary (abyran'sa and imp only )

Through its demonic powers, a demon can interfere with the creation of sanctuaries or a Song of Peace (1011). The success of this ability is based upon a comparison of the demonologist's Sorcerer Base and demonology ranks versus the sanctuary caster's Major Spiritual and summoning ranks. Once instructed to interfere, a demon will continue to do so until told otherwise. Instructing a demon to interfere will always cause the illusion to fail, thus it is recommended to initiate this command prior to cloaking the demon.

Only the abyran'sa is capable of breaking existing player-created sanctuaries. Telling an abyran'sa to do this takes 13 mana from the summoner, whether successful or not. The Imp is the lone archetype capable of breaking an active Song of Peace (1011).

Control a web
  • TELL MDEMON TO CONTROL [WEB] instructs an arashan to take control of a web for its owner.

The arashan possesses a unique ability amongst demonkind; they are capable of taking control of the minor spirits that make up an area web summoned by the Web (118) spell. Controlling a web yields two major results:

  • the web is strengthened (gains an additional snare charge and the duration is refreshed)
  • the web comes under the control of the arashan's summoner.

Controlling a web costs the caster 18 mana. Controlling a web is very taxing on the arashan, thus they may only do so once every five minutes.

  • TELL MDEMON LEAVE ends the spell duration, returning the demon to its origin

The demon will drop the objects which it is carrying (not including silvers or mana), and return to its valence.

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Uncommon Runes Used with this Spell

This list is now very incomplete with the Lord Vathon events of 2013 and 2014, and limited teachings at EG 2019 and 2020, as well as Duskruin 2022.

Runes Sorcerers Knowing This Rune
Grik'tyr-Grik Angylisis, Malisai, Niderom, Nindon, Skylai, Solmarar,
Grik'tyr-Imp Allereli, Desorceri, Evyrsio, Krolnivar, Malisai, Querthose, Rumpkin,
Lorae'tyr-Abyran Krolnivar, Querthose, Ryynish, Stralan, Yactaevia
Lorae'tyr-Abyran'a Moredin, Zurrain
Lorae'tyr-Abyran'sa Allereli, Berkana, Cataclysmx, Dergoatean, Desorceri, Iaz, Isola, Kaldonis, Malisai, Missoni, Niderom, Querthose, Radamanthys, Silvean, Stralan, Vulterith
Lorae'tyr-Grantris Desorceri, Drigore, Kaldonis, Venrath
Lorae'tyr-Igaesha Allereli, Darphin, Evyrsio, Kaldonis, Silvean, Ulthripe
Lorae'tyr-Verlok Berkana, Delarock, Kaldonis, Krolnivar, Lahanna, Maetriks, Matthosa, Niderom, Querthose, Silvean
Shien'tyr-Aishan Delarock, Desorceri, Drigore, Dyreknor, Jameszz, Maetriks, Mianne, Niderom, Querthose, Stralan, Suntzhu, Venrath
Shien'tyr-Shien Allereli (Darkling), Desmonique, Drigore (Darkling), Kaldonis, Kilaya, Malisai, Matthosa, Mekthros, Missoni, Niderom (Darkling), Rontuu, Silvean (Shadowling)
Shien'tyr-Arashan Allereli, Desorceri, Drigore, Maetriks, Silvean