Mistean's Charming Chairs

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Mistean's Charming Chairs is a Premium Home Furniture shop in River's Rest. It is located on the east side of Commons Circle in the larger modwir-trimmed shop.

[Mistean's Charming Chairs]
A precise arrangement of chairs rings a long oval table in the center of this airy room. The chairs are facing outward, however, so that prospective customers can try out each one. A small child plays on a red velvet chair, her half eaten piece of chocolate coming into dangerously close range of its elegant gold trim. In one corner, a harried mother gesticulates and a plump sales clerk politely pays attention while keeping one nervous eye on his threatened chair. You also see a plump sales clerk and a large sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   29500  a sturdy stained oak bench (set of 2)
2.)   39500  a stuffed leather chair (set of 2)
3.)   25000  a simple black painted bench (set of 2)
4.)   32750  a plain white painted chair (set of 2)
5.)   47250  a woven white willow chair (set of 2)
6.)   32500  an elegant wicker chair (set of 2)
7.)   34500  a wicker-backed felwood chair (set of 2)
8.)   49250  a woven black willow chair (set of 2)
9.)   28500  a stark felwood bench (set of 2)
10.)  42500  an ornate carved monir chair (set of 2)

East Room

[Mistean's Charming Chairs]
Tufts of cottony stuffing, long-handled mithril scissors, loops of heavy thread, and unwound bolts of velvet and brocade litter every available bit of space in this back room. Lining the two long walls, rows of chairs in various states of completion display a lesson in the art of chair making. Pearly moonlight streams in through the large window at the far end of the room. You also see Mistean and a large sign.
      Price  Item
1.)  115000  a club-footed ladderback chair (set of 4)
2.)   59500  a plush brown suede armchair (set of 4)
3.)   79500  a black thanot carved side chair (set of 4)
4.)   50000  an imposing high-backed oak armchair (set of 4)
5.)   95000  a deep-seated camelback chair (set of 4)
6.)   69750  a leather and brass accented armchair (set of 4)
7.)  105000  a curved-back rattan cane chair (set of 4)
8.)   87500  a green leather cushioned chair (set of 4)