MoonPhase Necklace

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The moonphase necklace was originally released at the Premium Auction of 2000, and later released in the Bloodriven Village shop Spellbound.

The necklace comes in three types: Liabo, Lornon, and Tilaok. It shows the current phase of the moon that is aligned with the miniature moon it carries.


You analyze the vaalin necklace and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This necklace was originally released during the auction of 5100.  Current verbs are LOOK and SHOW.

You get no sense of whether or not the necklace may be further lightened.

Moon Phase Messaging Examples

The necklace is made from a perfectly spherical star ruby.  Crimson light shines out in a gleaming crescent from the stone, reflecting Tilaok's current Third Quarter phase.  The stone's star glitters a faintly gold color.  A delicate setting of pure platinum holds the miniature moon.


This is a small item, under a pound. In your best estimation, it's worth about 1,000,000 silvers. You can also tell that there is some type of metal in the structure of the silver necklace.

Shimmering essence dances over the necklace like moonlight on a stream. Although the magic seems somehow tied into the moons, it is certainly not a magic that could be called common by any means.

A vision of three moons fills your mind. One red, one silver and one a swirling grey, they circle through the heavens in a dance as old as the universe. A tiny speck circles the silver moon, as if learning the dance the others know by instinct.

As you sing, darkness clouds your vision. As if your mind's eye were adjusting to the darkness, a scene fades in....

A ring of standing stones, taller than two giantmen standing atop each other's shoulders, stands lit by the three moons. They look down from overhead in an ever shrinking triangle as robe-clad women filter into the sacred space. Thirteen women in all, all but their leader hold a small pendant in their hands. The priestesses begin chanting, first softly, then in a growing crescendo as the moons begin coming together. At the exact moment of the Grand Conjunction, when all three moons are aligned, they throw their arms in the air, and twelve beams of multicolored light reach down from the aligned moons. The pendants glow brightly, then settle into a softer shine, each in tune with the phases of the moon of their matching color. After a moment, the scene fades from your mind.