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enruned <material> <weapon>


The original, "an enruned eog rod", belonged to Kodos, and was Enchanted up to +50/10x by him. It could change to thirteen (13) different weapon types by 'push'ing on the current weapon. The order is constant. The weapon forms are:

  • rod (1HCrush, equivalent to a mace)
  • longsword (1HEdged)
  • epee (1HEdged)
  • hammer (1HCrush)
  • mattock (2Hand)
  • flail (2Hand)
  • star (1HCrush)
  • greataxe (2Hand)
  • waraxe (1HEdged)
  • falchion (1HEdged)
  • trident (Pole Arm)
  • whip (1HCrush)
  • staff (2Hand)

The weight stays constant regardless of the current shape, which allows for significantly lighter than normal large weapons (2Hand, Pole Arm).

The strength and durability (STR/DU) numbers also remain constant irrespective of shape, allowing for significantly stronger weapons than would typically be the case (epee, whip).

At either the 1997 or 1998 Premium Auction, several additional similar items were released: one each in ora, imflass, glaes, vultite, and golvern. Each of these five rods was of the expected Enchant for their base material. They also had acid flares, which prevented them from being further Enchanted. All five of these new versions have had the flares removed by a Premium merchant, and then been Enchanted to 7x for their material (+35 in all cases except imflass, which is +32). An additional golvern rod was won by Musette from the 2020 Duskruin Arena Treasure Trove; She says it does not have a flare so the given item's posted 'analyze' is correct.

In spring 2018, the script was updated so that the 'staff' will instead use the Runestaff weapon profile (noun remained unchanged). This means that the items are usable by spellcasters. The same update made them unable to be Enchanted by players, though it is still possible to add flares, weighting, and other properties.

There was initially a 5s Roundtime at each change of form. Since the re-write the roundtime is variable, with shorter (2-3s) times for assuming the shape of one-handed weapons and longer (3-5s) times for larger (two-handed or Pole Arm) weapons. Haste effects mitigate this, to a minimum of 1s.

(This information needs to be re-verified after the spring 2018 script update:) The base weapon type remains constant regardless of form, always a 'mace'. This means that Specialization in 'mace' will give the +2/rank regardless of the current form. If the user owns two of the rods, this allows Two Weapon Combat with falchion and epee, for example, to gain the bonus in each hand. Yes, a character would have to Specialize in mace (a 1HCrush weapon) to get the bonus while using falchion and epee forms.

basket-hilt silver rapier


At least three, of varying Enchant, were released at the 1998 Premium Auction in different tents. One is known to have started as +20. These items are limited to five (5) forms:

  • rapier (1hEdged)
  • whip (1HCrush)
  • mace (1HCrush)
  • mattock (2Hand)
  • handaxe (1hEdged)

They had no flares when released, and thus could be further Enchanted or Blessed from the beginning.