Morvule Thinevael

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Morvule Thinevael
Storyline Griffin Sword Saga
Ride of the Red Dreamer
Gender male
Alias/Title High Priest
Affiliation(s) Luukos

Morvule Thinevael was a high priest of Luukos and played a prominent role in the Griffin Sword Wars. He was swept on to another plane of existence by the destruction of the Griffin Sword, and was returned to Elanthia during the Ride of the Red Dreamer by Nershuul and vanished after resurrecting Tseleth from the Maw of Luukos.


You see Lord Morvule Thinevael the Luukosian High Priest. 
He appears to be very old, has emerald slit-pupiled eyes, and dark green scaled skin. 
He has a series of wavy ophidian marks upon his neck. 
He is holding a dark wooden staff swirled with a sinuous spiral of black ora in his left hand. 
He is wearing a long deep-hooded cloak, a gleaming bronze ring set with a glittering red gem, a carved emerald Luukos symbol set upon a disc of bronze and some dark flowing robes.

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