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The Griffin Sword was a magical sword created by Lorminstra for use by her high priest Morfell.

Unfortunately, Morfell attempted to turn the weapon over to the Dark Alliance and the weapon shattered into four pieces. From this began the first Griffin Sword War. The powers of the Pantheon of Liabo recovered the shards and it was reforged and placed in a stone before the temple in Wehnimer's Landing. For several years, adventurers blessed their own weapons by rubbing the embedded sword.

There it remained until a Luukosian High Priest named Morvule Thinevael sought to take the sword. A high priest named Ulstram took the sword and combated Morvule, in the process, the sword was once again shattered, initiating the second Griffin Sword War. Four shards were lost once again, however, this time the Dark Alliance recovered three and The Resistance, one. Morvule forged an unholy war from those shards, while Ulstram forged a new sword from his shard.

The two met in combat once again with the result that Ulstram was killed and Morvule recovered the last piece of the Griffin Sword. He reforged the Griffin Sword, but the mighty weapon was destroyed or rather, made never to have existed, when it came into contact with a scythe of Gosaena wielded by Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav. Thus ended the story of the Griffin Sword.

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In a former age, great smiths crafted THE GRIFFIN SWORD:

  • Forged with ancient, mysterious techniques into a flawless vision of beauty.
  • A jeweled hilt invoking the image of the fearsome griffin.
  • Blessed by LORMINSTRA, goddess of winter and rebirth, for use against the undead.

Lorminstra's servant betrayed her trust, breaking the artifact into four parts and giving them to servants of dark gods. Many years later, dark forces invaded the city of Wehnimer's Landing intent on the destruction of Lorminstra's temple. After many epic battles, the brave defenders saved the temple and recovered the pieces of the sword. Four adventurers embarked on a perilous quest that ended with the Griffin Sword re-forged, re-consecrated, and set outside the temple as a memorial to heroism and sacrifice and a conduit of Lorminstra's power of blessing.

And so it remained for several years, until Lorminstra's prophet discovered a flaw in the sword, a taint of darkness left over from its ancient betrayal. An agent of darkness again shattered the sword, scattering the pieces into places of hiding across the cities of Elanthia. And once again, the forces of the Dark Alliance, sow discord throughout the lands, as adventurers take sides in a terrible struggle of light versus darkness, good versus evil, life versus death. On which side will you cast your lot?

  • V'TULL, the Dark Champion, god of warfare and domination
  • SHERU, the Jackal, god of nightmares and insanity
  • MULAROS, the Sorrow of the World, god of sacrifice and suffering
  • LUUKOS, the Serpent, god of unending death and master of the undead,

The Dark Alliance invaded Wehnimer's Landing, burning the city to the ground in revenge for their earlier defeat. While the Landing was rebuilt, the forces of V'tull attacked the dwarven city of Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. After a desperate battle in which adventurers managed to board a V'tullian warship to gather intelligence, one piece of the sword was recovered. In the past week, the action turned to the human empire, where agents of Sheru waged terrible battle against the city of Solhaven and its followers of the light.

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