Maw of Luukos

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The Maw of Luukos is a valence near to Elanthia that is under the sway of the Arkati Luukos. It appears to mortal eyes as an endless expanse of green flame, called Mawfire, which produces incredible heat only when it comes into contact with living tissue. Stone and other non-organic materials seem entirely unaffected by Mawfire. The souls of the dead naturally pass through the Ebon Gate to dwell with Gosaena for the remainder of eternity. Those marked by Luukos travel instead to the Maw, which serves as prison, torture, and holding pen until they can be sent back out to animate the undead as needed.

The Maw manifests in Elanthia at several locations. A majority of these are artificial and temporary, such as the breach beneath the city of Solhaven and one safeguarded by a group of trolls on the island of Glaoveln, but there are rumored natural breaches as well.

The Maw of Luukos

This is part of the Maw of Luukos as witnessed when Morvule returned and brought Tseleth back during Ride of the Red Dreamer:

[The Maw of Luukos, Observatory]
The dark tunnel opens up into a massive stony stadium, the natural cavern stretching across the dark depths as expansive as any large city - the descending rows of rock lined with innumerable robed figures. The nexus of the grand space descends sharply into an enormous pit at the very bottom, the sinkhole billowing up gusts of pale, glowing viridian fog that enshrouds the chamber in its sickly pallor. A massive crystalline obelisk hovers over the pit, its faceted surface roiling with inky shadows. You also see a small window.
Obvious exits: down

look obelisk
The obelisk's crystalline structure is flawless even at this distance -- its precise angles and sharp points serving as a wall to the veritable cataclysm of shadows roiling deep within its crystalline core. Waves of irreality push outward from it like a wave, blurring and contorting its immediate surroundings in a nauseating fashion. Deep hums of power pulse steadily forth from its depths and small arcs of black lightning continually lash out from it as it spins slowly in mid-air above the pit.

*Gazing into the window, you see...

[The Maw of Luukos, Pit]
A trio of cyclopean altars stand upon the massive dais, the emerald designs inlaid onto the stone connecting the white, black, and green to one another in a complex array of arcing patterns. Pale green mist billows upward from the enormous pit in the ground, casting a hellish emerald light across the entire area, while fractured echoes of distant screams boil out from its depths. Above, a gargantuan obelisk floats in the air, its innumerable facets causing the entire chamber to hum with bursts of power.
Obvious exits: none