Municipal Building

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The municipal building serves as the town hall for Zul Logoth. The first floor houses many common town hall services, including the debt collector clerk, realtor, furniture movers, surname registry, citizenship clerk, registrar, and house clerk. It also houses the post office, demon permit office, and the wedding hall. On the second floor is the office of Clan Leader Rodverg. The town's alarm bell can be found up the ladder onto the roof.

The Lobby

[Municipal Building, Lobby] RNUM: 16843
Dusty, grey stone tiles surround a slightly tarnished silver pick-and-shovel seal inlaid on the floor. A handful of green-speckled yellow giant toadstools gather dust along the walls, set into polished brass pots. Dwarves of all shapes and sizes go about their business in one of the building's numerous offices. A prominent faux-oak door resides in the north wall, while some stone steps rise to the east. You also see an inverted ceramic water jug set on a white stone stand, a small sign and an iron-banded keg fitted with a shiny spigot.
Obvious exits: east, west, out