Myra's Millinery

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Myra's Millinery is a boutique shop in Solhaven. It is located near South Market.

[Myra's Millinery]
Simple wooden shelves hold chiseled wooden heads, each adorned with a tailored hat in various styles. Several standing rack hold more hats, caps, and hoods. Display cases for ribbons, feathers, and various sorts of hair adornments reside on the show counter. The millinery stocks a wide variety of fashion and everyday headwear. You also see a neatly-lettered sign.


Welcome to Myra's Millinery!

Myra the milliner offers her catalog to browse.
Myra exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. an oilskin traveling hood    10. a beaded silk hair ribbon
  2. a heavy quilted arming cap   11. a twisted leather hair tie
  3. an embroidered silk tam      12. some elegant opal hair sticks
  4. a heavy black felt cowl      13. a beribboned lace bonnet
  5. an ivy-leaved anadem         14. a torchon lace veil
  6. a round gold hat box         15. a satin-lined velvet pill hat
  7. a mithril hat pin            16. a dark leather cavalier hat
  8. a pink coral hair comb       17. a seed-pearl beaded snood
  9. a silver hair clip

a round gold hat box holds a very small amount for one item. No other items have pockets.