Mystigoggles Magicorium

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Mystigoggles Magicorium is the alchemist shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located in a scrollworked purple wooden wagon on the south side of the Wandering Eye Market. There is no backroom inventory.

[Mystigoggles Magicorium] RNUM: 28943
Weblike tendrils of smoke weave between the multitude of telescopes that line the walls of the shop, leaving only the faint fragrance of petrichor to linger in the air. Various glass lenses have been set up across the canvas-draped counters, the convex and concave domes angled to highlight the wares in the dimly lit room. A long-haired grey cat lounges lazily upon an old velvet chaise at the back of the shop, occasionally scanning the room before returning his nap.


Welcome to Mystigoggles Magicorium!

Magician Mystie Goggles offers her catalog to browse.
Mystie Goggles exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a carved airship amulet                22. a carved driftwood rod
  2. a crystal amulet                       23. a filigree-set stained glass rod
  3. a tapered pale haon brush              24. a claw-encased alexandrite runestone
  4. some fine crystalline chalk            25. a chalcedony runestone
  5. a long piece of translucent chalk      26. a blackened grey moonstone runestone
  6. a brass-traced birch cup               27. a copper-caged malachite runestone
  7. a rectangular crystal flask            28. a crystalline stone
  8. a wire-latticed round marble inkpot    29. a petrified stone
  9. a hexagon-cut bronze glass jar         30. a rough oxblood leather tome
  10. a smooth onyx mortar                  31. a hazy black glass vial
  11. a jewel-inset clockwork owl pendant   32. an aquamarine wand
  12. a glass pendant                       33. a bolt-shaped black iron wand
  13. a wire-framed monocle pendant         34. a blue iron wand
  14. a gilt-veined black marble pestle     35. a crystal-encased wand
  15. an aish'vrak potion                   36. a lacquered ebonwood wand
  16. a dirtokh potion                      37. a slim gold wand
  17. a duqnuru potion                      38. a fur-gripped ice blue glass wand
  18. a grot t'kel potion                   39. a glass-veined oak wand
  19. a rohnuru potion                      40. a bolt-shaped silver wand
  20. a sarmoc potion                       41. a twisted wand
  21. a sisfu potion                       

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