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The vathor is a demon archetype which originates from an unknown valence. It is not known to have any subtypes. It is classified as a lesser demon, and cannot be summoned, but has been used by powerful beings to attack various cities in Elanthia. It is capable of performing a necromantic ritual in which it transmutes the corpse of a player character into a creature called a necleriine.

Physical Description

a huge incarnadine vathor

The incarnadine vathor is a towering humanoid monstrosity of muscle, teeth, and fire, its skin dark as dried bloodstains and dotted with stone-like black clusters of razored spikes. Its long, wolf-like snout is lined with jagged teeth, and heat rises up from its maw in steaming, blurry waves. Its beastly face is framed by two large horns, each ridged and glistening as if they were carved from dark basalt. Two massive wings flow out from its back, black and membranous like a bat's, and tipped in black-taloned hooks.


Vathors have a number of strong combat abilities. When swung at the attack will often be repelled by the chaotic forces surrounding the vathor. Offensively the vathor can swing as normal, cast open implosion, cast weapon fire, it has a call wind effect when it takes off, and it can dive down to the ground with a SMR ability with a similar resolution to charge. It can cast a major ewave like ability with fire attunement.

Log Clips

A huge incarnadine vathor arrives, its membranous black wings spreading slightly.

A huge incarnadine vathor cleaves a burning trail of fiery sigils through the air.

A huge incarnadine vathor eyes burn with an intense black fire as it glares harshly at Padaxus!

A huge incarnadine vathor's eyes blaze with pure incarnadine flames!

Odysia's inlaid rolaren warsword is repelled by the chaotic forces surrounding the incarnadine vathor!

A huge incarnadine vathor reaches down, grasping Brielus's head and ripping it clean off! The incarnadine vathor raises the severed head to its eyes and smirks horribly as flames suddenly engulf it, melting off the flesh and incinerating the bones into nothing but ash in mere seconds.

The overwhelming aura of chaos and darkness surrounding the vathor like sulphur from a hellish chasm in the earth renders the spiritual essence of the trident completely inert as it comes into contact with it!

A huge incarnadine vathor eyes burn with an intense black fire as it glares harshly at Divid! 
A void rips open in the area, directly above Divid! 
  Rather abrupt decompression causes Divid to explode! 
  Billions and billions of tiny bits of flesh shower everything. 
  Quite severely dead.

Odysia's inlaid rolaren warsword pulses with a soft white light as it cleaves a burning swath through the chaotic forces shrouding the incarnadine vathor!

A huge incarnadine vathor suddenly slams its huge clawed foot down, sending out a rippling shockwave that blurs and contorts the air around you!

A huge incarnadine vathor glares around the area, its fire-ringed eyes flaring up higher. 
A huge incarnadine vathor discovers Delonkin, who was invisible!

An onyx-spiked massive flail wreathed in blazing inferno of lurid black flames twitches and rattles on the ground, sending forth tendrils of black flames like probing tentacles.

(No idea what that was.)

The incarnadine vathor roars loudly as its left arm falls and writhes spasmodically, exploding in a ball of flames as it writhes on the ground, covering Drizzart with blazing flames!

The fire surrounding a huge incarnadine vathor flares up wildly, then is snuffed out instantly.

(Then it died.)

A huge incarnadine vathor suddenly spreads its membranous black wings and ascends into the air, sending forth massive currents of wind buffeting the surroundings!

The incarnadine vathor disappears into the sky.

A faint sound of wings beating draws your attention upwards as a massive shadow descends, its very form set aflame!

The vathor seems to be descending straight towards Kinshack, a massive spear wreathed in flames clutched in its claws!

The vathor's  impales Kinshack savagely as he's slammed into the ground! 
   ... 15 points of damage! 
   Loud *crack* as Kinshack's sternum breaks! 
   He is stunned!

A huge incarnadine vathor lets loose an unearthly, bestial scream as it clutches the tightly in its claws, sending forth waves of intense black flames!

("Spear" is missing from this line. Typo in code.)

A burning ring of void-black flames moves outward from a huge incarnadine vathor.

(Everyone dies here.)

A huge incarnadine vathor suddenly slashes open its own wrist, causing a torrent of fiery blood to pour forth into its hand. The blazing inferno begins to writhe and reform, the flames solidifying into a sleek black metal that takes the shape of a flaming sword!

Creating a Necleriine

A huge incarnadine vathor suddenly plunges its talons into <character>'s chest, snapping through the ribcage in one effortless movement. In mere seconds, the vathor rips out the dead heart of <character>, clutching it in its black talons tightly.

Incanting something in a dark language, the incarnadine vathor stares deeply at the crimson heart within its claws, flames shrouding the organ in ever-tighter rings, searing the flesh and singing it until it becomes deep black in hue. Overlapping circles of sigils dotted with patterns of complex angles wink into existence below the heart, twining like living serpents of flame as they flare brightly under the vathor's speech.

After a moment, the black heart begins to beat slowly.

Casting a disdainful glance towards <character>, the vathor suddenly raises its other claw, causing an inferno to engulf her corpse in an instant. Directing its burning gaze back to the slowly beating heart in its hands as liquified flesh rises up from the burning corpse of <character> in a swirling column, the burnt, liquid-like mass of crushed bone, charred skin and boiling blood propelled quickly to swirl around the heart in concentric rings.

The heart begins to beat faster, and the vathor brings its talons to bear upon its own flesh, ripping open its wrist to send forth a torrent of fire-laced blood through the air to swirl in an opposing direction of the liquified flesh amassing around the black heart.

With a sharp nod from the vathor, both flesh and flame converge upon the heart, shrouding it in a mass of gore and fire, growing around it at a rapid pace to form a vague silhouette of... something. Then, the fire blazes up blinding in its incarnadine hues.

As the light fades, a winged spindly necleriine steps forth from the unholy forge of flesh and hellfire, its face a horrible cariacture of <character>'s!

Other Information

Both vathors and necleriine are extraplanar beings.