Nihala Winterberry

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Nihala Winterberry
Storyline The_Troubles
Gender Female
Race Halfling
Status Lost to the Demonic
Hometown Icemule Trace
Alias/Title Mayor
You see Mayor Nihala Winterberry the Town Official of Icemule Trace.
She appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
She is taller than average.  She appears to be an adult.  She has long-lashed, vivid indigo blue eyes and fair skin.  She has long, radiant deep plum hair wound into a smooth knot at the base of her neck.  She has a trio of dark brown freckles on her left cheekbone.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a gold-traced banded onyx key symbol, a multihued crystal snowflake amulet, a hooded snow white cloak trimmed with berry-shaped crystal beads, a flowing niveous white gown decorated with multihued crystal snowflakes, a stylish silvery grey sash trimmed with berry-shaped crystal beads, and some open-toed niveous white slippers.

Nihala Winterberry was a Paradis Halfling who was the Mayor of Icemule from 5108 to 5118. She spent a good amount of her tenure in hiding, from threats of being kidnapped or murdered.

Mayoral Race

Mayor Fizelgrauf Binnder retired in 5108, resulting in the 5108 Icemule Mayoral Race. Nihala Winterberry defeated Igerone Furryback in the election and serves as the current mayor of the town.

In late 5117, Mayor Nihala disappeared from the public eye, allegedly due to a "curious malady". Hibbits Hoft was appointed as interim mayor.

Whiteout (The Troubles) Storyline

In Eoantos 5117, the Nihala found a tome locked away in a safe in Clovertooth Hall. She began reading it in secret, and Icemule citizens and visitors eventually found out that the tome was slowly taking over Nihala's very soul, as it bound to her. Deputy Mayor Hibbits Hoft took over most of the daily duties of the Mayor's office, while Nihala was recovering from weakness from reading the tome. A group called the Far Market came to claim the tome but Nihala wouldn't relinquish it. The Far Market eventually burned down Nihala's home, in order to gain access to the tome. The tome was inside the home, but remained unharmed. The leader of Far Market was killed when she tried to take hold of the tome that laid in the snow and ash that was the Mayor's home.

During this time, Icemule was being assaulted by a mysterious foe who was imprisoned in a span of electrum in the middle of Town Center. The prisoner claimed to be Daukhera Darkflorr, who was also the author of the tome Nihala had been reading. Daukhera's prime goal was to be released from her prison, and summoned terrible creatures to invade Icemule and kill its defenders, trying to force them to find the clues that would open the portal and release her from her prison.

On Fashanos 24, 5118, Nihala walked into the vortex that was bound within the span of electrum, and sacrificed her life to save Icemule, causing her to go demonic, never to return. These actions also caused the release of Daukhera Darkflorr.

A memorial service was held on Fashanos 28, 5118 in the Hall of the Lovers, in Icemule Temple, in Icemule Trace. Joskin, Diablic, Enestrie, Dirvy, and GM Necios were instrumental in the planning of the service.