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The Dusk of Daukhera followed the events of the Dawn of Daukhera and was a storyline that ran in Icemule Trace in early 2019. It focused on self-proclaimed Queen Daukhera Darkflorr, a powerful sorcerer who had previously escaped from being imprisoned in another plane and who was determined to regain what she said was her ancestral claim over Icemule Trace and its surrounding areas.

A halfling who appeared to be former Deputy Mayor Hibbits Hoft appeared one evening in the Town Center, claiming to have just returned from a several day hike and seeming unfamiliar with recent events, including the death of former Mayor Nihala Winterberry, who he said had been his friend. Hibbits appeared touched by death, with some suggesting he might even be a lich.

Daukhera's minions appeared in town several times, indicating that it was dirty and in disrepair, and that it needed to be improved to appease Daukhera. Daukhera herself returned to Icemule, where she and her minions invited any "Friends" to her cause to join her as they searched the town for an undead snake named Skaylz, who had recently esacaped. During the search, they found that the local Sorcerer's Guild appeared built atop of something powerful, causing Daukhera's minions to react to essence in the area. Daukhera said that something was absorbing the necrotic power of her family's final resting place in the mountains outside of Icemule.

Hibbits, or what remained of him, witnessed Daukhera making an apparent deal with several hooded figures outside of Icemule's gates for a stack of documents, claiming that she still needs to uncover Bonefrost and needs some sort of proof. Daukhera's minions attacked Icemule over the course of several invasions, and the town saw heavy casualties. She affirmed that no one is safe anywhere on the bloodstained lands of her ancestors.

After one such invasion, a curious bank of snow bearing the emblem of a key was discovered outside of the Sorcerer's Guild, which was suggested to contain access to ruins associated with Mhoragian necromancers who were cast out of the region by the Paradis who ultimately established the modern day Icemule Trace. Local adventurers, including the newly elected Mayor, attempted to broker peace between the town and Daukhera, but the attempts are rebuffed.

Daukhera's magical control over the townsfolk of Icemule started to slip, with more and more defying her attempts to rule them. They joined adventurers' efforts to break through the barrier located outside of the Sorcerer's Guild, which led to ruins linked toh both Duakhera's family and the families associated with the Far Market, an organization that had emerged in both Whiteout and the Dawn of Daukhera. A series of puzzles slowed entry into the ruins, which ultimately required three sacrifices. Daukhera's minions, Figil and Tanariin, as well as Duakhera herself were killed, opening the way inside. Upon reaching the throne room, adventurers found Hibbits as well as a ghost, who revealed himself to be Daukhera's father. The ghost explained that Daukhera was just a 9-year old child, and that he had set recent events into motion, including possessing Hibbits, in order to bring Daukhera truly "home". The Far Market was also revealed to consist of the descendants of other Mhoragian necromancers that had been cast out from the region by the Paradis, and one of its members said that they would return eventually.

The conclusion of the Dusk of Daukhera saw the collapse of the Mhoragian necromancers' ruins, Bonefrost and Darkflorria.

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Cast of Characters

  • Daukhera Darkflorr - Powerful sorcerer and self-proclaimed Queen
  • Figil - Daukhera's minion
  • Hibbits Hoft - Former Deputy Mayor of Icemule Trace
  • Nihala Winterberry - Former Mayor of Icemule Trace
  • Skaylz - Daukhera's pet, an undead snake
  • Stark - Guildmaster of the Icemule Sorcerer's Guild
  • Tanariin - Daukhera's minion

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