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Whiteout was a storyline that ran in Icemule Trace at the end of 2017 and into early 2018. While it was initially referred to as The Troubles, the conclusion of the storyline, GM Necios shared that its true name was Whiteout. It led directly into the events associated with the Dawn of Daukhera and the Dusk of Daukhera storylines.

Whiteout focused on a mysterious and arcane tome that Mayor Nihala Winterberry had found locked away in a safe in Clovertooth Hall. She fell ill as she devoted her time to studying it in secret. Deputy Mayor Hibbits Hoft increasingly became more prominent in town, speaking and acting on behalf of Nihala as her illness progressed and taking on the daily duties of the Mayor's Office.

An organization called the Far Market arrived to lay claim to the tome, however Nihala would not give it to them. The Far Market resorted to force to try to take the tome, setting fire to and burning down Nihala's home. While the tome was inside during the fire, it was oddly unharmed, and the leader of the Far Market was killed when she tried to remove it from the ash and snow.

Coinciding with Nihala's extended study of the tome, unusual events transpired in town, with four orbs crackling with energy mysteriously placed on pedestals at the town's perimeter and unnatural shadows appearing to manifest around some officials. A portal made of electrum to another plane opened in the center of town, which led to demons and other monsters attacking, and through which a figure could be seen demanding release. The figure claimed to be the author of the tome and gave clues to those gathered on how to release her. At the storyline's conclusion, Nihala sacrificed herself instead of the town to release the figure by walking into the vortex bound within the electrum portal. Now fully released, the figure was revealed to be Daukhera Darkflorr.

See the recaps for detailed summaries of the entirety of Whiteout.

Whiteout was immediately followed by the Dawn of Daukhera.

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