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Gender female
Race Burghal gnome
Title Scrivener
Service(s) Label and box alterations
Specialty Labels
Venue Mist Harbor
Ebon Gate
Status unknown

Nycolle is a merchant who primarily works on labels and their boxes.


You see Scrivener Nycolle.
She appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
She is diminutive and appears to be very young.  She has large pale blue eyes and ivory skin.  She has waist length, shiny brown hair worn in two pigtails.  She has a delicate face and rosy cheeks.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a tarnished brass case in her right hand.
She is wearing a silver shield pendant, a silver-boned dark pink corset, a gear-clasped pale pink musette, a pair of patchwork pants, and a pair of silver silk slippers.

Additional Information

Nycolle worked on label boxes for Premium subscribers on a bi-monthly basis. During these visits she worked in room order and would unlock or deepen a label box (by 10) for everyone at a cost of 10k silvers and could send bank runners. She would also spin for five people for a cost of 25k silvers to receive one of three special services:

  1. Alter a label box
  2. Alter the labels inside of a box (all of them get altered to the same thing)
  3. Refill a label box (box must have at least one label in it)

Those who are spun for will get their service during their turn in the line.