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Bonus +15
AvD +5
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier
Special Properties Impact flares
Primary Color Light Brown (like sun-dried mud)
Dyeable No

Obskruul is a magical metal that is naturally +15 with an AvD bonus of 5. It has impact flares and is stronger than glaes.

Obskruul was released at the February 2024 Duskruin in Skayl Mix. It is typically dull, scabrous, opaque, and a light brown color, like that of sun-dried mud, but it may be mostly glaes with gornar accents or vice-versa. Alterations should reflect that. It cannot be dyed, so alterations need to be in the right color scheme.

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  • Xynwen: And definitively confirmed that you should maintain the +3 from your perfect + the +5 from obskruul!