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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +5
ST/DU 0/0
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 100%
Special Properties Vibration flares
Primary Color Ruddy brown
Dyeable No

Gornar is always a ruddy brown color, often mistaken for stone due to its similarity in look and feel. It is found deep within the earth, often going unnoticed in mines since its appearance blends in with the surrounding rock. This may account for its rarity, as the Dwarves discovered it fairly recently and it has since been looked for and traded widely throughout Elanthia. Its natural enchantment is equivalent to that of mithril.

Because of its unusual ability to unleash a blast of intense vibrations, like that of an earthquake, some legends say that gornar deposits are the remnants of powerful earth elementals that have been destroyed by their creators. A smith must be careful when forging this magical metal, as it can shake right out of the forger's grip very easily.

Gornar is one of four materials that has an enchant bonus similar to mithril and a natural flaring property. The other natural flaring materials are rhimar (ice), drakar (fire), and zorchar (lightning).

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