Old News Pawnshop

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Old News Pawnshop is the only pawnshop in the town of Ta'Illistim. It is a small stonework building located on the north side of BriarStone Court. This pawnshop buys and sells merchandise.

Main Room

[Old News Pawnshop] RNUM: 644
The many racks, shelves and display cases of this shop are brimming with assorted merchandise. Torchlight glistens on several blades carefully displayed in a glass case by the window, strategically placed to catch the eye of passersby. Two elven lads chatter between themselves as they busily polish some armor. The west wall of the shop is handsomely decorated with an array of shields. An intricately carved cabinet in the center of the shop appears to be heavily padlocked. You also see an open doorway and a faenor-banded bin.
Obvious exits: out


>look at cabinet
Beyond a narrow set of horizontal slots in the padlocked cabinet's face, an assortment of wands varying in both size and material lie waiting to be tagged.  Some of the wands appear to have seen a great deal of use, while others look almost new.

>look at bin
You see nothing unusual.

>look in bin
The faenor-banded bin is filled with a variety of garbage.  You see nothing useful or appetizing.

Sales Room

[Old News Pawnshop] RNUM: 4599
Several tables of carefully displayed items have been arranged around the room. A prominent sign reads, "All items sold as-is and all sales are final." A sales clerk carefully tags items from a crate before placing them on the appropriate tables. You also see a weapon table with some stuff on it, an arcana table with some stuff on it, a miscellaneous table with some stuff on it, an armor table with some stuff on it and an open doorway.
Obvious exits: none