Oleander's Defenses

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Oleander's Defenses is a armor shop in Mist Harbor. It is located at Tigerlily Crossing in a pale cerulean door painted with a pink blossom.

[Oleander's Defenses]
Slightly crowded, the shop is filled with armor-adorned mannequins that display the various wares sold here. A short, low counter bisects the shop at the back, while a series of wide windows, each wrapped in silk, occupy two of the four walls and allow the island's breezes to cool the otherwise warm room.


Item Description Price Type Enchant Weight Special Abilities
some layered light linen robes 90 Robes 7
a light cerulean suede jerkin 135 Light Leather 11
a set of bleached white leathers 202 Full Leather 12
some reinforced verdant green leathers 225 Reinforced Leather 16
a suit of ivy-embossed leathers 247 Double Leather 15
some rigid brown boar hide leathers 315 Cuirbouilli Leather 16
a suit of silver-studded leathers 360 Studded Leather 19
some burnished vermilion armor 405 Brigandine 25
a shirt of mithril chain mail 20250 Chain Mail 22
a set of vultite chain mail 257400 Double Chain 20
a toucan-etched round faewood aegis 27900 Large Shield 8
an ivy-ringed smooth mossbark buckler 20025 Small Shield 6
a red-striped villswood parma 28350 Medium Shield 9
a dried driftwood runestaff 315 Rune Staff 4
a slender mossbark runestaff 64800 Rune Staff 4
a vermillion linen gambeson 17 n/a n/a <2 worn under armor
a light blue linen gambeson 17 n/a n/a <2 worn under armor

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