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Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Villagers of the Fishing Village of Caligos Isle
Alias/Title an aging wise woman
Affiliation(s) Father of Storms


Enswathed in lengths of turquoise-dyed linen, the human matriarch stands tall amongst the citizens of the fishing village, her shell-laden bracelets tinkling alongside the deft movements of her arms as she turns to observe the area.  Omiko's age is subtly hinted by the faint greying hair in stark contrast to the thin tan skin, though her athletic frame adds to her youthful countenance.  A series of sun-faded tattoos decorate Omiko's arms, the once colorful ink depicting a myriad of seafaring creatures.


The lithe woman gazes up towards the sky, grasping at a spherical driftwood totem draped around her neck.  She murmurs a small prayer towards the roiling sky.

An aging wise woman suddenly paces back and forth, her lips moving as she counts off tasks that need to still be handled on both hands.

Wind kicks up the sodden sand, sending it flying through the air towards an aging wise woman, who squints and leans into the gust.

A growl of thunder ripples through the air, causing an aging wise woman to lift her face to the sky and say, "We hear you.  We are working on it."

A group of village builders trudges through the area, pulling carts of wood and stone.  They briefly converse with the matriarch before wandering to the northwest.

An aging wise woman reaches up and gathers her driftwood totem in her hands, placing a gentle kiss upon its worn surface before returning it to the folds of her tunic.

Quiet save for the rain and random rumbles of thunder, an aging wise woman watches the distant beaches with small signs of anxiety.

Several men approach an aging wise woman and launch into an intense conversation as they gesture to the northwest.  Listening intently, she nods a few times but then says, "We must try all means.  Keep at the pier.  I know a commodore that would be very willing to use it and help us.  Let the shipwrights ply their trades and you do yours."  Narrowing their gazes, but nodding in compliance, they head back the way they came.


Village The matriarch smiles widely as she gestures towards the beach. "Bit by bit, piece by piece, Charl brought us to gether and now he has tasked us with fleeing before he punishes the one that seeks his power."
Ghezresh The matriarch gives a small sigh as she gazes out towards the waters. "May we never forget what has transpired, but I can only dream of things to come. And right now, one of those dreams is being built out on the beaches. Won't you help?"
Gone in 2021
The woman gives a small sigh as she gazes towards the jetty. "We get what we can from off of the jetty, but it's mostly things twisted by the taint of that godling. Every attempt we've made to make boats has ended up dashed across these shores. Where do you think we get all the driftwood?"
Gone in 2021
The woman smiles widely as she gestures at the lapping waves of the ocean. "Isn't that a peculiar thing? If you come across any, I can toss a couple of seashells your way. They come in mighty handy with keeping my pod of souls free from the beasty's influence."
New in 2021
"Your inquiry greatly warms my heart." An aging wise woman smiles and clasps her hands at her chest. "My mother used to tell me, 'Dear, it often takes a village.' I remember those words often these days." She closes her eyes to savor a memory and then continues, "You only need to GIVE the wretched piece to me, and I will do what I can by the God of the Sea."
New in 2021
"Yes, and you must heed it. Help us build, help us with the ships," she beseeches you, reaching toward you with desperate hands. "We must save as many as we can, for when the end comes, any left ashore will be food for the beast."
New in 2021
"The ships must be made ready! As many as we can!" she exclaims breathlessly. "We're out of time, child. We must make haste!"
New in 2021
Nodding, Omiko says, "Yes, thank you. I am collecting them. We are using them to trade when our vessels make land away from here. Hopefully, we will have enough." Pondering for a moment, she says, "I can take yours for a bit of favor, and then maybe you can help us build those ships."

The Acts of Omiko

Introduced in 5119, Omiko is the wise woman that came to be the leader of those that took shelter in the fishing village. She implored adventurers to help build homes for those under her care.

In 5120, Omiko collected the species that adventurers found and transformed them into devices that could be used to push back Ghezresh's influence on the water with the hopes that it would help her to get them safely off the island. Towards the end of the festival, she parted the waters and adventurers fought at her side against that tide of Ghezresh's minions as others instilled Charl's power into monoliths. Once the task was completed, the tide washed back in to cover them up. She is hoping that it will be enough to free them.

In 5121, Omiko ran the quest: A Tale of Survival.