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A one-eared rabbit, also known as Fluffy, is the town rabbit of River's Rest.

The Rabbit of the Rest

A communal creature, Fluffy spends most of his time lazily chewing errant strands of grass throughout the town. The rabbit lost its ear when a villain known simply as Maatin, a master thief, kidnapped the creature and held it hostage for a ransom from the townspeople of River's Rest. The initial ransom demand was for 2 million silvers, but after failure to pay on time, Maatin boosted the ransom to 4 million which was sent via an elf warrioress named Isselie to a designated location. Incidentally, Isselie picked up the nickname "Rabbit" for her role in the affair. Before this occurred, the rabbitknapper cut one of the rabbit's ears off and nailed it to the drawbridge that acts as the entry way into the town as a sign of his seriousness.

For Fluffy's role in the affair, he received a medal which he wears to this day on a collar around his neck. The town aardvark, known as Snuffy, also played a role in discovering the rabbit's location after the payment of the ransom, and received a medal as well.

Presently, Fluffy's hutch is located behind the Captain's Quarters of River's Rest in an old hutch near the hoosegow. While the rabbit is a brave example of his kind, he is usually timid around strangers. Citizens of the town, however, are on quite good terms and Fluffy will even permit them to pick him up momentarily.

Behind the Scenes


  • The rabbit has velvet-soft, dappled grey fur and an absurdly pink nose. One of its long and floppy ears has been cut away, leaving a precise pink scar. Hung around the rabbit's neck is a rolled leather collar with a shiny gold medallion affixed to it.

Idle Scripts

  • The one-eared rabbit scrambles to its feet and scratches furiously behind its one ear.
  • The one-eared rabbit closes its pink eyes and begins to fall quietly asleep. A noise nearby startles the rabbit. It jerks awake and scurries about mindlessly for a moment before becoming distracted by some juicy blades of grass.
  • The one-eared rabbit delicately nibbles on some tender shoots, its tiny pink nose wrinkling in pleasure.
  • The one-eared rabbit uses its tiny paws to carefully clean its face.
  • The one-eared rabbit scrambles to its feet and scratches furiously behind its one ear.
  • The one-eared rabbit flattens its single floppy ear and edges cautiously toward you. It looks up at you with pink eyes and wrinkles its tiny nose.
  • The one-eared rabbit sits down and uses its tiny paws to clean the pink scar where its ear used to be.

Citizenship Perks

Citizens of River's Rest can interact with the rabbit.

  • [pet]The one-eared rabbit shyly allows you to rub your hand against its soft, furry flank. It briefly leans into the caress, then hops slowly out of your reach.
  • [hug while kneeling]You lift up the one-eared rabbit, wrapping it in a warm embrace. The rabbit buries its tiny face under your chin, tickling you. You rub your face against the rabbit's cheek, then set the furry bundle down. It slowly hops off to one side.
  • [kiss while kneeling]You lean forward and give the one-eared rabbit a quick kiss on its pink little nose. The rabbit backs away, startled. Then it drums its furry hind leg on the ground and races around you in a circle.
  • [nudge while kneeling]You lean over and gives the one-eared rabbit a gentle nudge. The wee rabbit leans back, resisting the nudge. It thumps its tiny hind leg loudly for a moment, then turns away and scampers off.
  • [cuddle while kneeling]You open your arms wide. The one-eared rabbit wiggles its nose at you. After a moment of hesitation, the rabbit slowly hops over and cuddles with you. Its fur is soft and silky, but you can feel some surprising firm musculature beneath. A grin crosses your face. With a flick of its single ear, the rabbit slides away and resumes its search for succulent leafy greens.
  • [snuggle while kneeling] Somehow, by making cooing sounds that are totally alien to the species, you manage to entice the one-eared rabbit to come close enough to be wrapped in an affectionate embrace. The rabbit's left hind leg thumps wildly with pleasure, and its tiny pink nose wrinkles ecstatically. But after a brief snuggle the rabbit's natural timidity asserts itself. The soft, little creature wriggles free from your embrace and scampers away.
  • [tickle] You slowly reach forward and gently tickle the one-eared rabbit behind its ear. Closing its eyes, the rabbit leans into your hand. It remains absolutely still for a long moment, cocooned in rabbity bliss...then, with a shake of its head, the one-eared rabbit hops away.