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System Magic

CAST is a verb used to initiate magical spells. Each spell must be PREPAREd before being CAST. Players should be fully aware of which spell their characters have prepared before CASTing, as there are no safeguards preventing casting offensive magic at one's self or companions. Likewise there are no safeguards against casting defensive magic at enemies.


  • CAST
Casts the open/untargeted cast version of a prepared spell if such a version exists; otherwise, casts the spell with the caster's self as the target.
Warning: For attack spells which have no open cast version, there is no safeguard against harming oneself!
  • CAST {target} or CAST AT {target}
Casts a prepared spell at the specified target.
Casts a prepared spell at the predetermined target if the TARGET verb was used. If not, a new target will be selected automatically.

Casting a spell usually incurs 3 seconds of cast roundtime, during which the caster may not attack or cast other spells but can still move around or change stance.

Alternative Casting Verbs

Some spells have different modes that can be activated with alternative verbs.

  • CHANNEL - Casts an enhanced version of a spell, typically a warding attack. Incurs 3 seconds of hard roundtime.
  • EVOKE - Casts a different version of a spell, for example switching between elements or bolt/warding. Does not incur hard roundtime.
  • INCANT - Combines the prepare and cast steps into one command and can also be customized by spell to automatically cast a specific alternative version of a spell (open cast, channel, or evoke).
  • SUMMON - Specifies a type of creature or object for summoning spells.

Open Casting

An open cast spell is one for which the caster does not specify a target when CASTing, in contrast with focused (or "closed") casts where the caster chooses a single target. Open cast spells may either affect an entire room (in some cases even adjacent rooms) or a limited number of characters or creatures. Many of these spells are area of effect spells.

Some spells have both open and closed cast versions. For example, Energy Maelstrom (710) has both an open and a focused version. The open version can damage any non-grouped target in the room, while the focused version only damages a specific target.

Some open cast spells have a skill-based limit on the maximum number of targets. One such spell is Pious Trial (1602), which has a maximum number determined by the caster's training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings. With no skill ranks in lores, the caster can only attempt to affect a single target even when open casting.


Main article: Multicast

Multicast is the ability to cast defensive spells multiple times per cast to more quickly stack durations. It still takes the same amount of mana as if the spell had been cast separately, but the duration is multiplied by the amount of specified multicasts, and the cast roundtime is the same as casting once. Multicast can be used both selfcast and when casting on others.

The ability to multicast is based on training in the appropriate Mana Control for a spell's sphere. Every 25 ranks of the appropriate Mana Control allows for one additional multicast, with the base being 1 (a single cast of the spell). For example, a cleric with 25 ranks of Spiritual Mana Control can cast two shots of Spirit Warding I (101) simultaneously:

>prepare 101
You gesture while calling upon the lesser spirits to aid you with the Spirit Warding I spell...
Your spell is ready.

>cast rolton 2
You make a complex gesture at a rolton, increasing the potency of your spell.
A light blue glow surrounds a rolton.

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