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2017 & 2018 Inventory

a tidy hickory wagon festooned with chains of peonies, Room #10, Lich #23849, go hickory wagon

Aeia's Entry

[Aeia's Aromas]
The curving wagon walls have been painted a pale sage green, while overhead, dozens of tiny pastel candles flicker on a shelf along the soffit. Next to the entrance, a quaint hand-written sign hangs over a small round table, and a stone wishing well stands in the center upon a daisy-shaped rug. A knotted tree branch arches over the steps leading to the back garden.
Obvious exits: out
On the silver tray, summery lipglosses and lipbalms will make you extra kissable for the season!
Hanging from the branch by their wicks are beautifully scented candles.
In the wishing well's bucket are delightful jewelry pieces holding aromatic perfumes.

On the metal tray you see:

some nectarine lipgloss Lip gloss 5000
some serrano pepper lipbalm
some maple bacon lipbalm
some ripe strawberry lipgloss
some bergamot lipbalm
some citrus blend lipgloss
some mandarin lipgloss
some watermelon lipgloss

On the knotted tree branch you see:

a black dahlia candle 3500
a plumeria candle
a purple wisteria candle
a slender sweet pea candle
a purple hyacinth taper
a crimson dragonstalk candle
a bearded iris candle
a bright pink peony candle
a pure white moonflower candle

In the wooden bucket you see:

a twisted nacre stickpin dangling a garnet rose Perfume Holders 25000
a swirled azure sea glass bracelet
a crimson flame-shaped pin tipped with yellow sunstone
a blackened iron pendant on a dark leather cord
a dented silver clasp set with a misshapen pearl

Garden (no items)

[Aeia's Aromas, Garden]
Swaths of bright fabric drape from tall, evenly-spaced posts, weaving over and under one another to create a rainbow wall of cloth that encloses the circular space. Colorful paper lanterns hang in the trees along the circumference of the garden, while a tall walnut tree stands sentry in the center, its branches a canopy over an ornate iron bench. Dozens of small tealights flicker amidst the delectable offerings atop a long serving table covered with a floral muslin tablecloth. Next to the steps that lead into the wagon, a verdigris seed bowl on a twisted iron stand offers a treat for winged visitors. You also see a donation box decorated with brightly colored macaws.
Obvious exits: none
Discover respite in the garden!
Enjoy refreshments, feed the birds, and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful walnut tree.

On the serving table you see:

a steaming porcelain tea kettle painted with creeping flaeshorn vines free food
a berry-etched pitcher of lemonade
a delicate plate of cookies
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